3 Foods to Avoid After Age of 40

Getting in-to 40 years of age is a milestone in every one’s life, and here comes an adjustment which we requires to make with our lifestyle and diet. As we age, your metabolism system slows down; it signals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 It is important to know that, the men’s Fitness, beginning at 25, the metabolism starts to decline, at the rate of about 2% to 4% every year in its usual way.

This doesn’t mean that you are continuing to gaining weight as your aging; rather, it just means that you need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. A great way to preserve your metabolism is by gaining and preserving the lean muscle mass through exercise.

When metabolic loss happens, so does muscle loss. Between the ages of 25 and 65, you can lose at least five pounds of muscle every 10 years. But you can prevent this metabolic and muscle loss with consistent anaerobic exercise.

Another fine most way to maintain the weight and muscle mass is to adjust the diet by cutting down certain foods from our life that may otherwise cause to pack on pounds.

Here are the three foods to avoid after you reach the Age of 40.

Everything with sugar


Eating large sugar containing foods can speed up sagging and wrinkling.  After age of 30, collagen production Sugar Foodsslows down and elastin [the protein which keeps the skin firm] begins to break down, and causes fine lines to form. So why eat anything which exacerbates the signs of aging?

The reasons is when there is an excess sugar in the body, it attaches itself to collagen making the skin look rigid and inflexible.  So “losing this elastic elasticity of the skin will give the skin deep wrinkles and make it look old.”

As well, after the age of 40 if you’re overweight or obese, there may be enlarged chances of developing type 2 Diabetes.

The reason is our body isn’t breaking down the sugar properly that we consume, which can put us at an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes

Fast food


fast-foodFast food contains tons of bad ingredients, including sugars, bad fats, large amounts of carbohydrates, and sodium, which impacts almost every organism in the body. Eating too much fast food can causes erectile dysfunction.

In adding up, fast foods, usually contains Trans fats, which can makes to become rigid the look of our skin and make it look inflexible. Trans fats clog and stiffen the arteries and smaller blood vessels also, which makes the skin look too older.

It’s also a bad that sodium and excess fat can also harm the heart, contribute to high blood pressure and risk of stroke, lower bone mineral density, and lead to bone loss.  



After reaching the age of 40 the effects of drinking alcohol hit harder than else. As we age, the body doesn’t Alcoholmetabolize alcohol as effectively as the age of 30’s, because our body composition and liver function start to change after 30s. When this happens, muscle mass tends to lose, and fat content increases. 

And the fact is, when we age, the total body water get reduces and by adding more Alcohol to the body can leads to body dehydration and It’s also ever more difficult to get a good night’s rest or sleep with alcohol in your system.

Sleepless nights will lead to carb and sugar cravings in the next day, which can further add to weight gain.

Further, alcohol makes you look older because it sucks the moisture out of from the skin, which can temporarily make fine lines appear more noticeable. Over time, if you continue to booze, your skin loses elasticity and your skin can wrinkle.