5 Top Reasons Why Not to Drink Soft Drinks

Almost every one in the world are enjoying a soft drink whenever they want to. Unfortunately, people are enjoying soft drinks too much.

Moderation is the key” almost every-one probably ignoring this fact. Any food or drink, if not consumed in moderation can leads to some health complications. Soft drinks also, have been under fire by the health professionals for few years.

The “Individuals who drink soft drinks regularly may be at increased risk of suffering vascular cases such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death.” Over the last few years there has been an increase in research and the results are at dangers of drinking too many soft drinks.

While thinking about soft drinks, it’s better to consider cutting back these soft drinks at all.

Here are Top 5 reasons why not to drink soft drink habit

5 Top Reasons Why Not to Dink Soft Drinks

1. Aging could speed up

Soft drinks [Or Cold Drinks] contains Phosphates and phosphoric acid which preserves their freshness for a long time and can add bit of flavor. When we drink soft drinks in more, the phosphate consumption is also increases.

Phosphates adversely affects on the Heart, Kidney, Muscles, and Bones. Some experiments on the Rats has shown that, the enhanced levels of phosphates forced the Rats to pass away [died] earlier, as compared to that did not consume phosphates.

2. Soda Causes fat     Top Reasons Why Not to Dink Soft Drinks

A study found some interesting information about the relation between fat and soda. The group which consumed sugary soft drinks were found to have higher fat levels in their livers and muscles compared to the group which drank only milk. This fat deposition in the muscles and liver leads to heart disease in later stage.

3. Soda contain BPA

The well-studied chemical BPA [Bisphenol A] being used in bottles and cans since long. This element has been discovered or known as cancer-causing agent. Many companies are dropping BPA from their products but some of soda cans still contain BPA. Avoiding these chemical containing drinks is a good thing. Ensure that any canned product you consume may not contains any BPA.

4. Metabolism drops

The recent studies revels that, the individuals who consume soft drinks, may be Soda or other drinks, regularly have experienced change in their metabolisms which was downs.

5. Dangerous food coloring

The caramel food coloring in most of the sodas and soft drinks has been under criticism over a year for concerns it deemed as a cancer causing agent. Studies on animal found that small quantities of this chemical has been directly related to Cancer in animals. It is believed that up-to 16 micrograms of this chemical if consumed daily, that person may have a cancer threat; but what if one 20 oz [Almost 600 ml] bottle of soda contains 200 micrograms! [May God Save]