Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in the endocrine system. This terrible disease is found in all over the world and is becoming a severe hazard to human being.

There is plenty of substance available to control and to take care of patients with diabetes, however total recovery from diabetes is not improved till date. In addition to adverse effects, medicinal treatments are not satisfactory in maintaining euglycemia and avoiding diabetic complications in later years. That is why; medical professionals are concentrating on few alternative treatments for this disease which are…..


Diabetes Natural Remedies   Natural-Remdies-for-Diabetes

Several medicinal plants have been investigated in now a day’s which found useful in treatment of diabetes,” this could be identified as an Alternative treatment for diabetes. Bitter gourd juice, fenugreek seeds, Jamun seeds powder etc. are familiar to us since long.  According to ancient literature, more than 800 herbal plants are accessible in the Universe with anti-diabetic properties.

Dietary supplements

Micronutrients like Vitamins, minerals are essential for our body in small quantities to perform specific functioning’s. These  Micronutrients functions as essential co-enzyme and co-factor in metabolic activities and thus help in basic cellular reactions. Micronutrients are identified as potential preventive and treatment elements in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and to avoid common complication that occurs due to diabetes. Minerals like chromium, vanadium, magnesium, nicotinamide and vitamin E are necessary for good health. The low levels of these minerals and vitamins in the body are related with higher occurrence of diabetes.

Consulting and  seeking advice from health care professional about which minerals and vitamins to take, and in which quantities, can help in treatment for diabetes.


Hydrotherapy could be the best option to treat the illness and injury using the water, either hot or cold. Hydrotherapy helps the human body in Detoxification or to get rid of toxins and in muscle relaxation. Hydrotherapy also relaxes human body in mentally and physically. In view of the reality, hot-tub bath therapy can increase blood flow to skeletal muscle, thus it is recommended in type- 2 diabetes who unable to exercise.Hydrotherapy for Diabetes

It is proved in various studies and experiments that in hot water, a patient’s weight, plasma glucose level and Glycosylated hemoglobin decreases. 


Yoga is an Indian  traditional, psychological, physical and spiritual way of life that studied for several decades about how it helps in the management of several chronic disease, like  hypertension, asthma, obesity, and Diabetes.
Yoga has been considered for controlling both the symptom and complication related with type 2 diabetes.

Practice of Yoga exercise showed a momentous progress in Diabetes patients with pre-existing complication.

Yoga can play important role even in prevention of diabetes. Yoga helps to regulate the body functions and improves well-being.

There are several hypotheses for the biological mechanism that link the benefits of yoga to diabetes management.

Yoga plays excellent role in relaxation and to reduce strain along with few side effects that caused due to taking medication for diabetes.Paschimottanasana

Some useful Yoga Asanas for Diabetes  

Vajrasana , Mandukasan, Supta Vajrasan,  Sarvangasan, Halasan, Dhanurasan , Paschimottanasan, Ardhmatsyendrasan, Kapalbhati Nadisodhan pranayam