Beets Health Benefits

Beet Roots is a great booster to physical well being along with a wonderful source of iron; beets health benefits includes improved immunity system and guards against cancer.

Fight cancer:

The phytonutrients–proanthocyanidins in Beet root gives beets their rich purple red in color and has powerful anti-cancer capabilities. Beet Juice is one of Nature’s miracles in the prevention of cancer.  The fiber in beets seems to increase the body’s special immune compounds that are responsible for detecting and removing abnormal cells before they can become cancerous.

Rich in Vitamins:

Beets contains folate, manganese, potassium, and vitamin C, making that an excellent source of nutrients, and a particularly good for pregnant women who needs folate during pregnancy. Beet Root promotes new cell development & guard against birth defects  


Anti Aging:  

If eaten beet root in raw, that contain an important compound called betaine, which reduces several compounds linked to inflammation in the body. It’s a great anti-inflammatory food that helps protect us from the aging and much disease.

Blood Circulation:

Beetroot juice is healthy sources of antioxidants and natural contents of nitrates. Nitrates improve blood flow throughout the body together with the brain, heart, and muscles. These natural nitrates in beet root increase a molecule in the blood vessels called nitric oxide, which open up the vessels and allow more oxygen flow to the brain as well as lowers blood pressure. 
Previous studies have shown that nitrites in beetroot expand blood vessels and muscles, but it is first time reveled that nitrites also increase blood flow to the brain.

Increases hemoglobin:

Beet Root juice when consumed with Carrot and Tomato Juice will rapidly increase the body’s Hemoglobin level. This juice is a good remedy for increase in Hemoglobin. Low hemoglobin level causes anemia.

Purify blood:

Beet Juice also help cleanse the liver–one of the most overworked organ in the body, with over 500 functions including: cleansing toxins, removing excess hormones, and metabolism of fat.

Beets-Salad- BenefitsBeet Root is versatile

They can be eaten raw (grated), steamed, boiled (many nutrients are lost while cooking), or added to soups and stews. Keep in mind, the anti-cancer properties of beets decrease with heat. So it’s always better to enjoy raw beetroot with salads.

Side Effects of Beet Root Juice: 

Being beets as a Vegetable it’s not having any side effects. The dark carotenes in Beet root juice may give your urine and bowel movements a red color. This color alteration is risk-free. Since beets are high in oxalates, people who have kidney stones may speak their doctor before consuming beet juice.