Benefits of Antioxidants

What is antioxidant?


Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our food, which prevent cells from being oxidative damage to our bodies by neutralizing free radicals. These free radicals are particularly dangerous because they slow down or block the blood flow to the heart, by increasing oxidation of cholesterol the major factor in developing heart disease.

Understand the metabolism of our body. When our body cells use oxygen for metabolic activates like breathing, eating etc., they produce radicals called as ‘free radicals’. Free radicals can damage when they attack on cell, they often injure the cells and leads to form disease, including heart disease. These free radicals increases in more due to pollution factors like smoke and smoking.

Smoke Pollution

To counteract the effect of these free radicals, the body produces its own antioxidants. However, this quantity is not good enough to neutralize the raise in free radicals due to pollution etc. Thus it becomes necessary to include antioxidants in your healthy diet

How Antioxidants Works?

Antioxidants protects the cells in your body from harmful effects of oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process takes place in your body. This chemical process goes up rapidly when you are stressed or smoking and consume alcohol. When the natural oxidation procedure gets disrupted, potentially harmful molecules called free radicals are created. These chemicals are formed by oxygen and if goes beyond controlled will damage the cells in your body.

Here is a simple example: Have you ever noticed how a cut apple turns in to brown? That’s due to chemical Apple- Oxidation reaction and in the same way free radicals work on the body cells.

This oxidation damage can create several diseases like diabetes, arthritis, harms nerve cells leading to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart diseases, muscle and tissue degenerated diseases.

Importance of Antioxidants

Health experts go for a Healthy diet rich in Antioxidants that will reduce degenerative diseases and heart diseases. Though antioxidants are available in a variety of foods but most of them are found in Fruits and vegetables.

Heating of Cooking oil to smoking level leads to release of free radicals which in turn causes worsening of the oil. The role of antioxidants here is to prevent oxidation and result in a better quality food your family.

Antioxidants hunt free radicals in the body and help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.Smoking-Alcohol

Remember, our body needs a variety of antioxidants and most of them are found in healthy diet close to you. Thus choose your diet wisely and prevent damage of cells that due to free radicals

Antioxidants  from diet, such as vitamins C and E delays the aging process and prevent or even reverse memory loss, according to a study.

The Institute of Medicine recommends men should get 90 milligrams of vitamin C every day and women should 75 daily milligrams. 

Antioxidant vitamin E benefits blood circulation and helps keep blood healthy. Vitamin E helps in production of red blood cells a component in Hemoglobin, which carry oxygen to all body organs and tissues. Vitamin E also helps the body to use vitamin K, a nutrient that promotes blood clotting, defending from bleeding disorders, and widens the blood vessels. The Institute of Medicine recommends every adult should get 15 milligrams of vitamin E every day.

By neutralizing harmful compounds, Antioxidants prevent some forms of cancer and strengthens the immune system managing in the HIV infection.