Benefits of Guava

There are various types of Guava, a healthy food which differ in scent, taste and appearance. Generally guava has a strong, sweet and pungent smell and its flavor ranges from strawberry or lemon to tropical.

This Fruit widely available in India throughout the year and local name for Guava is “Peru”. In fact, having low in cost with numerous benefits of Guava made it popular and are quite affordable to everyone. In India, it is available at just on roadside selling by small vendors everywhere.

Why it’s Healthy food: Guava is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that fights prostate cancer, protects the skin from being damaged by UV rays, environmental pollution as well than any other plant food, including tomatoes and watermelon.

A normal Guava provides about 2.9 grams of lycopene. Pink guavas contain twice the amount of lycopene than that of Tomato’s. One cup of Guava provides 688 milligrams (mg) of potassium, which is 63 percent more than that of a medium Banana. Potassium reverses the effects of sodium, thereby regulates the blood pressure. Also, it reduces cholesterol levels in the blood by preventing it from become thickening.


Guava is also the Fiber rich food containing almost 9 gm of fiber in every cup and helpful for persons with diabetes by slowing down the absorption of sugar in the blood.Guava Fruit Studies have shown that a Fibre rich diet (5.4 gm per 100 gm of fruit) is associated to a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Those suffering from constipation problems, can have the benefits from high fibre content.

Winter is the season of having some delicious guavas. Everyone loves to eat this fruit and numerous varieties are available.



Guava is a large berry which is round or oval in shape with light green or light yellow coat. The color of its flesh varies from white or pink to dark green and seeds can be edible. Guava can be classified as the super fruit, because of its numerous health promoting qualities. This healthy fruit is well known for their medicinal property that contains natural sugars, vitamins and minerals in it. Guava is extremely rich in vitamin C, Carotene and Antioxidants which beneficial for skin health. Guava juice can also be used as a refreshing drink.

Antiageing Properties: 

Guava is rich source in Vitamins A, B, C and potassium which works as good detoxifiers. They fight free radicals, keeping the skin glowing and prevent premature signs of Ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits of Guava FruitBesides, lycopene in Guava protects the cells being toxinated that accumulate in the body due to metabolism and environmental pollution. These toxins also cause pre mature ageing by damaging the DNA in the process of growth and development of body.

Even guavas are not having iodine; they are still helpful in promoting healthy thyroid function, because it contains copper, which aids the production and absorption of hormones.


Guavas are a good source of manganese, the enzyme which activates nutrients utilization like thiamine, biotin and ascorbic acid.

For optimization of brain functioning, Guavas are rich in the B group of vitamins. Niacin, better known as Vitamin B3, promotes blood circulation, thereby stimulating brain function. Vitamin  B6 that is pyridoxine, helps in brain and nerve function.

The folate in Guavas contains fertility-promoting properties thus eating this fruit, women facing fertility problems can benefit.

Guavas contain an abundance of Vitamin A that helps in Eye care and improve vision with keeping away the Eye diseases