Benefits of Meditation

What is Meditation? 

Meditation means concentrating on one particular thing with all our energy; mental, physical and emotional. When the mind becomes free from disturbance, is calm and peaceful meditation happens. That pure state of realization is meditation

Meditation means to crash everything from memory and to reach a state of mind where only consciousness and awareness remains.

Meditation is an approach that anyone can use to help them to deal with Health problems, stress and anxiety by way of thought, deliberation and likeness.

Meditation is complex for those struggling in getting concentration.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

The benefits of meditation are multiple on our health and body. By meditating we can manage to:  

  • Reduce Stress / Anxiety and Depressed Feelings
  • Keeps away from Insecurities & Obsessive Thoughts
  • Regenerate Self-reliance and Creativity
  • Improves Awareness and Motivation
  • Improves familiarity with relationships
  • Relief from Sleep disorders

How to Meditate

Meditation in any way will give equal benefits to us; some of them work better than others in specific Benefits of Meditationsituations. If we have Anxiety and stressed, then having awareness to best meditation methods for anxiety will give the early possibility to cool down.

Anxiety attack leads to breathing shortness, which deprives the body form getting sufficient oxygen which needs to regain control. Thus pulse rises, and in severe cases even feels like we are going to pass away.
Slow, listening carefully on deep breathing can make a quick difference in how we feel. Breathe deep from your diaphragm rather than chest which expand the abdomen and fill it with air. Close the eyes and count slowly while breathing. Forget everything for moment and only think about breathing flow in and out. 

Move and breathe with walking meditation.

When we are anxious, meditate with sitting down seems difficult. Thus walking meditation here is helpful when anxiety hits. Here we understand how expectant fathers keep on walking back and forth to relieve their mind pressure in hospital. In walking meditation we have to concentrate on each step we take. Continues breathing, concentrating on the motion of walking, and let everything will fine. We don’t require more space for walking meditation.

We can meditate simply by walking in the Garden or like in any quiet place. The motion of calm walking helps curative oxygen flow throughout the body. And focusing on awareness takes in mind to keep away from the causes of stress.

Spiritual prayer relieves anxiety 

Spiritual  MeditationSpiritual Meditation Practice, using Mantras or short meditative prayers, repeated gradually while continuing breathing meditation can be useful for anxiety.

Use a simple mantra, such as Om; also use a meaningful word, like Love, or even a favorite scripture passage. The repetition of these words or sound gives us somewhere to rest our attention, and can become more calming than trying to empty out an anxious mind.

In addition, concentrating on awareness beyond ourselves can help to feel more connected with the loving God or of the humanity, rather than feeling alone and helpless.

The meditation gives cumulative effect on us by the time. If we meditate regularly, we observe little less Stress and anxiety day by day, and become more flexible to the impact of stress.

Meditation is a process to achieve the goal.

Sometimes people may have difficulty in meditation because of having anxious about doing it right or otherwise, and they become even more anxious, assuming they have failed. There is no failure in meditation. Relax, the best is to really best which works best for you.

So just starting now, take it with slow. Breathe deep, and move on to something that feels ready. Be kind with yourself and proud to be you are on right way.

So what are the best meditation methods for anxiety? Remember… breathe, walk and pray.