Body Life Cycle

This universe is really amazing. There are fixed Life cycles in everything. Like cycles of weather, Seasons, Economy, Moon, Sun, Animal populations, Geological formations, Clocks and many more….!

But could you imagine our Body also has a Life Cycle? 

It’s not just about or for the Female. This is important for everyone, listen up! You are not familiar with this body cycle information yet.

Our body runs on 8-hours of each cycle of 3 cycles per day (3X8). This is properly referred as the Circadian Rhythms, and known to us via Ayurveda. The understanding and applying these body cycles principles is to enjoy easy digestion, keeping ideal weight, No to fatigue and maximize the  metabolism. 

There are so many plans to try, do consider a change in lifestyle along with effective and healthy diet. That leads through the natural cycles of elimination, assimilation and appropriation in which our body automatically goes through.  And that will optimize digestion, improves energy levels and overall health.
There are no any tricks or gimmicks, just the healthy diet will help to going through the Body natural Life cycle.

These cycles are:

4 a m to 12 Noon:  Elimination

12 Noon to 8 p m:  Appropriation

8 p m to 4 p m:      Assimilation 

Cycle No.1 – Elimination ………………4:00am to 12:00 (noon)Body  Life cycle elimination

Elimination of  Body waste and food garbage.

This  is the time mostly  used  for Cleansing Toxins from Body naturally. During this period its better to eat any light food items,  means eating the light most perfect food….Fruit and Fruit Juices (real fruit juice), green Vegetable juices, because these requires  minimum period for digestion and these are the only foods which not interfere in  the process of  toxin cleansing. Because any thing we eat that affects the cleansing.

The bloodstream is loaded with the by-products of metabolism process during the hours between 4am-12noon, signifying the stepped up elimination cycle, because the blood only carries waste material from the body to the eliminating channels, that are: the Bowels, Bladder, Lungs and Skin.

Cycle No. 2 – Appropriation……………..12:00pm (noon) to 8:00pm.Appropriation eating and digestion

Appropriation (Eating and Digestion)

By this time body has the required energy to perform the vital functions concerning the food we eat.  Lunch is the preferred time to have fleshy animal Proteins.However, consuming the protein (meat) food by 3:00 pm is recommended. This could be the best time to digest (breakdown) these heavy foods.


The second cycle is in between Noon (12 noon) to 8pm, during this time we eat two major meals of the day – Lunch and Dinner.

Body is most efficient in this period to digest and to deal with foods. It’s also the time when we’re most active and can burn the food fastest. And remember if we eat according to appetite, we cheerfully refueling and burning, in a quite steady and relaxed way, which makes really comfortable feeling in the body.

Cycle No. 3 – (Assimilation) ……………….8:00pm to 4:00am.

Assimilation (absorption and use)

During this cycle, the body is prepared to soak up the nutrients from the diet we’ve consumed.  It is recommend to get the dinner 3 hours before going to bed (preferably around 7:00pm) so that the food we eat is digested and out of the stomach as preparation for this cycle.


Healthy -dietThe third cycle and the time to utilize the food we have consumed throughout the day. Assimilation happens during the period of (approximately) 8pm to 4am, i.e. the time we most probably use to relax, asleep or minimum in active.

The body works on to sketch all of the good things from the diet that we have consumed day out, and works on healing and body rebuilding. This phase starts its leads neatly back into the first cycle, the cleansing, as that could gets rid of everything that doesn’t require.