Caffeine Intake and Miscarriage

A new study suggest that a risk of miscarriage can increases  when the woman or man drinks  more than two caffeinated drinks in a day in the weeks when they plan for conception.

Risk of miscarriage also may increase if the to-be-mother drinks more than two caffeinated beverages daily during the first seven weeks of pregnancy, the researchers also ravels.

Caffeine has been associated to risk of miscarriage before also, but what is new in this study is, men’s caffeine drinking also play a greater role.

Caffeine and miscarriage

The degree of risk is similar for both sexes, the researchers said.

When you are planning for a pregnancy, it’s a good to get your body ready, reduce your consumption of caffeine, get healthy weight, avoid drinking alcohol and see your doctor / medical health care professionals.

This research also reveals that, women those took a daily multivitamin supplements before conception and through early pregnancy were less likely to miscarry than Women who did not take it.

The researchers added, “This is an observational study, so we can’t prove cause and effect, but we are confident of these findings”.

So, if you are trying to get pregnant, and you are habit of drinking caffeinated beverages, keep it to less than two a day,”  Two cups of coffee is a “generous” amount, they added.

The researchers used data from a study conducted in Texas and Michigan between 2005 and 2009. This study examined the relationship between fertility, lifestyle and exposure to environmental chemicals.

The researchers compared lifestyle factors such as smoking, caffeinated-beverage consumption and multivitamin use among expectant couples, from the weeks before conception to the seventh week of pregnancy.

Of 344 case studies of pregnancies, almost 97 [28 %] ended in miscarriage, according to the report.

The risk for miscarriage doubled for the women of 35 + age, the researchers found. Possible explanations for that include the greater age of sperm and egg in older couples or longer exposure to environmental substances, the authors said.Caffeine-Intake-Linked To-Miscarriage

In addition, male and female consumption of more than two caffeinated drinks a day was associated with about a 74 percent greater risk of miscarriage.

As for the protective effect of vitamins, the study showed that women who took multivitamins through early pregnancy had a 79 percent reduced risk of miscarriage.

“If you are trying to get pregnant, women should take a multivitamin every day to reduce the risk of miscarriage” They added lastly.