Calcium Rich Foods for Women

What is Calcium

The calcium is a mineral which essential to numerous body functioning’s, like muscle contraction, blood clotting, nerve impulses, and the release of enzymes and hormones. But the first and foremost functioning of Calcium is to bone-building nutrient.

Calcium is necessary to maintain healthy bones and also formation of blood cells. Many people have complained of joint pain and weak bones these days. That is due to we do not make a mindful effort to include calcium rich foods in our diet. We prefer to eat the available food and thus, the calcium in our diet gets exhausted.

The body its own cannot the absorb calcium without help of Vitamin D. So while going for calcium rich foods, make your diet healthy including Vitamin D rich food too. And while it comes to women, calcium is twice important. Women during their monthly menstruation cycles lose out lots of calcium. Even at childbirth, calcium surpluses in Woman’s body get exhausted, thus Calcium becomes top necessity for Women.


Daily Requirement of Calcium- Our bones are at their highest density (Peak Bone Mass) when we are at early twenties. Rapid bone defeat can happen at menopause; owing to this Women require more calcium. In old aged adults, Calcium absorption percentage is quiet fewer from the intestine, and more could expelled through kidneys, so calcium intake should to be maintained at upper level.

With increasing age bones break down more quickly, and rebuilding process keeps longer space, they slowly become weaker. Both men and (mostly) women experience this turn down in bone density; when they reach to a certain point, known as Osteoporosis, which often leads to frequent bone fractures and or may develops the lower back pain.

Daily recommendation of adequate calcium

  • For teens Age: 14 to 18, 1300 mg. per day.
  • For Adult Men and Women (ages 19 to 50): 1,000 mg.
  • For Adult men (ages 51 to 70): 1300 mg.

Here are some different calcium rich foods, you can choose from them to make a Calcium rich healthy diet.

Oranges:  Apart from rich source of vitamin C, Oranges also provide you a quiet good amount of calcium.

Calcium FoodsVegetables and Leafy Greens- Almost all Vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables are rich source of calcium. Two third cups of collard greens contains as much calcium as 

compared or more than one cup of cow’s milk. Leafy green Vegetables are also big sources of Vitamin K, another type of nutrient required for bone health.

Dark Leafy Greens contains Calcium in 100g: 120mg (12% DV) Raw 100 gms: 41mg (8% DV)

Cheese- Cheese is low lactose as compared with other milk products, so will suitable for those suffering from lactose intolerance. It promotes re-mineralization, which deposits the calcium and phosphorus in teeth; moreover it increases the strength of tooth enamel. 

Low Fat Cheese: Calcium in 100g, 961mg (95% DV): 1 Cup Shredded (113g): 1086mg (109% DV)

Milk- The top on calcium rich food, which everyone remembers at instant, is Milk, Especially cow milk. A cup of low fat milk provides 30% of daily Calcium requirement of the body.
Although results are differing on necessity of milk for good bones, although it’s sure that in addition to Calcium, Milk contains Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, And Vitamin A. And, what exact our body needs is vitamin D to absorb calcium. Thus, milk is species calcium rich food.

Low Fat Milk and Yogurt: Calcium in 100 gm: 125 mg (13% DV); 1 Cup (245 gm)Calcium-rich-foods.

Yogurt – Yogurt, a milk product is a healthy alternative to Milk. The culturing process which makes milk into yogurt, makes digestible than milk. Moreover, culturing process of Yogurt increases the absorption of calcium and B-vitamins. An 8-Oz (225 g) serving of yogurt gives more calcium than the same volume of milk. Plain yogurt is calcium rich food and also contains around 10 to 14g of protein per 8 Oz. (20 % of daily protein requirement of individual)

Fruits, Nuts and Seeds- unfortunately if you do not like Milk or milk products or allergic to them, you need more serves of other Calcium rich foods. For example, consume more almonds, dried figs and dried apricots. Just 2 dried Figs are loaded with almost 65 mg of calcium.

Sesame seeds: 1 cup: 300 mg. Sesame seeds, whole roasted: 1 oz [almost 225 mg] 280 mg Calcium.

Nuts and seeds are rich in magnesium which helps the body to absorb and retain Calcium. Almonds and cashews are more than ever high with magnesium. 

Seafood- Apart from rich in calcium, seafood is also a good source of Iodine, Vitamin K, B-vitamins, Magnesium and Iron. Both Vitamin K and Magnesium, helps in absorption of Calcium and increase its bioavailability. 

Sardines canned with bones 3 Oz: Gives 325 mg Calcium.                                                                     Salmon canned with bones 3 oz: Gives 180 mg Calcium.



Avoid Following Foods that exhaust Calcium from the Body.

Soft drinks- these drink contains phosphoric acid, responsible to increase calcium excretion in the urine.

Caffeine- From every 100 mg of caffeine we consume in, that drains away 6 mg of calcium from the bones.

Alcohol- alcohol restrains calcium absorption and disrupts the Calcium balance in the body.