Can Cancer Cause due to Vaastu defects

Yes, there is a close relation between the Vaastu defects and diseases. The bio-energetic field of a plot and house can greatly interacts with the bio-energetic field of a human body.

Thus it is genuine to consider the relation between Vaastu defects and the appearance of specific diseases.

The reasons of many diseases cannot be exactly described.

Cancer is a disease for which its causes are greatly connected with the mental or psychological state of the patient.

The vaastu defect can imbalances the positive and negative energy in that house. Whether man or woman Vaastu defect plays important role in the diseases of cancer.

The superiority and monitoring of Bio-energy in every room of a house will come from the Head of the Vaastu Purusha which is in North-east direction.

Any structural planning in the building if disturbs the Head or Mental state of the Vaastu Purush, i.e. Northeast, subsequently the mental stability of the occupants will also gets disturbed.

Like as in cancer, which produces an uncontrollable division of cells wherein the intelligent communication between cells becomes disturbed, like-wise the combined North-east defects disturb the Bio-energetic fields of a building.

This level of influence depends up-on one’s Psycho-physical resistivity, and that individuals Good, Bad or Mixed personal horoscope placement of planets, determines the overall level to which that person would becomes psychologically and then physiologically get affected.

Longer the exposure, greater will be the chances of disturbed bio-energy fields being transmitted to the psychological level of an inhabitant, and finally effective to a particular physical organism.

Cancer diseases can happen in the house where at-least two Vaastu defects are there, one is Northeast and another may be found in the South, the West or the Southwest direction.

vaastu-and-cancerOn the positive side, having good Vaastu in the Northeast direction not only reduces the risk of cancer formation but has a calming and carrying impact on a cancerous patient also.

Following are some of the defects which can cause to happen this disease

  1. The Northeast if rounded off, the Northwest if closed, with any Vaastu-unfriendly arrangement in south west corner, then:

>> There may be chances of developing Cancer in the Breast, Lungs area, and high blood pressure, anxiety, and sleep disorder.

  1. If the northeast of the house having an acute angle, and empty space in the west of the plot, and any unfriendly arrangement in south west corner, then:

>> There may be Chances of Developing cancer in the area of the head and throat.

  1. The Northeast, East, Northwest is higher, and Southwest, South and West are lower, with defect in South-west corner

>> Brain tumor or Hyper thyroids …………….. Definitely will develops

  1. Defect in the Northeast, and Southeast: with any unfriendly Vaastu arrangements in South-west corner, then:

>> Breast cancer, disease in lactating woman, mammal problem to young woman or Girls menstrual problem………………………

  1. Defect in the South-west and any defective arrangement in South-west corner:

>> Uterus Cancer and bone fracture often due to accident……………..

  1. Defect in the Northeast, South-West:

>> Kidney cancer, nephritis [Inflammation of the kidneys], Genital disease.

  1. Defect in the North-east, defect in West or defect in central area (Brahmsthan) with defect in South-west corner:

>> Stomach cancer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis…………