Clean Your Coronary Arteries Using Three Home Ingredients

If you start using these three ingredients that easily available in the house, your arteries will remove fat from the blood and clean blocked arteries

We live in the world where chemicals and toxins are unavoidable part of our lifestyle. We eat oily, harmful food and tend to move our cardiovascular system at risk. Since we cannot avoid this life, the only thing we can do is to add healthy things in-to our lives.

By improving the condition of coronary arteries will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strengthen heart. Blood vessels are very important and crucial part for overall health, so ensure that, they should not to be blocked.Carnoery Artery Blocked

By using these three ingredients we can improve our blood vessels and keep them in a good, healthy condition.

If we start using these three ingredients, our coronary arteries will remove fats from the blood and keep clean the clogged arteries.

Free radicals and infections will be removed and our immune system will be strengthened with just one set of this healthy drink.

Garlic Ginger and Lemon waterThis is the recipe for it.

Therapy for Clogged Coronary Arteries

It will requires:

  • Eight lemons
  • Four liters of filtered Water
  • Ginger (requires one piece of 4-5 cm size)
  • Eight cloves of garlic



  • Wash lemons and slice them
  • Put them in the mixer along with peeled Ginger and Garlic; mix those until you get a fine paste.
  • Move this mixture in a pot and pour water in it.
  • Cook this remedy up to the boiling point, and then take away it from the fire, wait for the mixture to cool.
  • Strain this mixture and storage this healthy beverage in a glass bottle.

Drink this remedy about two hours before a meal, every day.

Along with this treatment, it is essential to doing some exercise at least three times a week.

After some time, you will notice improvement in overall health and your doctor can confirm that your coronary arteries are cleansed.