Coffee Or Orange Juice: Which is Better to Drink in the Morning

It’s almost a tradition for many peoples, that when they feel sleepy or tired, they prefer to drink a coffee. Caffeine in coffee is known to stimulate the brain, and one can easily fight lethargy.

Drinking coffee can make you addictive because as its effect will reduces you again require for it. What’s more, the lethargy will comes back with vengeance after just a few hours.drinking-coffee

Here are some of the alternatives for those without caffeine. One of the best options is to drink orange juice.

According to new study, having a glass of Orange juice (approximately 240ml) in the morning can boost the Brain and keep alert even it’s a sluggish afternoon.

The Study on Orange Juice


Researchers from their study has discovered that orange juice is much better than coffee in terms of boosting concentration, reaction times, and alertness of BrainThey have studied 24 persons for two days and conducted following mental tests:

  1. On the first day, people drink a glass of orange juice before they went through the mental test.
  2. On the other day, the young men drink sugary water was tasted and appeared like orange juice.

Coffee or Orange juiceAfter two days, the results were compiled and studied. It’s interesting to see that the Men performed superior on the first day when they had real Orange juice.

They were faster in finishing their tests and also more self concentrated. In the European Journal of Nutrition this study was published, it was also reported that they remained alert for about six more hours after drinking this juice.

How Orange Juice Works


According to study,orange juice is more effective in stimulating the brain because it has flavonoids instead caffeine, flavonoids which are a set of plant chemicals that also improves health. Flavonoids found in many vegetables and Citrus fruits, including berries, oranges. These chemicals improve the blood flow to brain, and make it easy to pass the information in and out from the brain cells.

So remember when you feel lethargic or need a boost, don’t go for the cup of coffee. Instead, have a glass of orange juice to boost your alertness and concentration.

The study has confirmed that extra pulp can add the positive effects, so make sure to have freshly-squeezed juice and not the powdered.