Cucumber to Weight Loss and Diabetes Control


While planning a diet for diabetes; may be for own or for a family member, certain specific things you have to keep in mind. Certain dos and don’ts in a diabetic diet one has to follow to keep in check the blood sugar levels. Raw vegetables can be added to meals to controlled blood sugar and weight loss as well. A little spike in blood sugar levels can be treated unsafe for a diabetic person and may also be incurable. So it is important to keep a strict check on what the diabetes eat.cucumber for weight loss

Cucumbers a raw vegetable not only tasty, healthy; they can improve your skin; and help in weight loss also. Cucumbers can be added in-to diet to keep blood sugar levels in control

Cucumbers – a green fruit family vegetable and cooling in nature, the presence of water in Cucumbers which gives a great effect on skin, Can be included in the diet for diabetes to keep blood sugar levels in control.

As cucumbers are low in calories and high in fiber, they are ideal in both for weight loss as well as in diabetes.

Cucumbers are excellent sources of Vitamin K, molybdenum; also rich in pantothenic acid, copper, potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin and Vitamin B1. Cucumber contains silica, a mineral which strengthen the connective tissues.

How does cucumber help in sugar control?

A study published in the Journal of Plant foods and Human Nutrition; suggest that type 2 diabetes patients can use cucumbers to control their diabetes  

Cucumbers are rich source of fibre – which lowers the rate of carbohydrate breakdown in the metabolism and controls blood sugar levels.

cucumber health benefits

Being they are also low in calories will help in weight loss and weight management those on Weight loss plan.

How can you add cucumber to your diet?

A cucumber is a flexible vegetable which can be consumed in different ways. You can eat it in raw salads or just snack on it while working or watching your favorable T V program. Can add in-it sandwiches or in burgers.

Another great way to consume cucumber is with dairy products like Dahi (Curd), which also keeps Diabetes under control.

In winters, make a cucumber soup to enjoy a cool evening.