Disease Cancer and Astrology

Cancer can be defined as uncontrolled growth of body cells, which destroys the adjutant tissues. If not treated on time it (cancer) may also extend to other parts of body through blood and lymph. Cancer may affect the peoples of all age groups; however the risk increases with age.

Usually, Cancer is believed the disease of demise. However, with proper Astrological diagnosis before the happening of diseases can be cured. Medical and Astrological remedies can make this possible.

Astrological Factors Responsible For Causing CancerDisease Cancer and Astrology

  1.  Ascendant and their strength
  2.  Location of Sun- and its strength [over all energy of a person]
  3.  Sign Virgo [sign of sickness]
  4.  6th house /Lord [house of disease]
  5.  8th house/lord [longevity and death]
  6.  12th house/lord [hospitalization and heavy expenditure on a disease]
  7.  11th house/lord [cure from disease]
  8.  Saturn [long term diseases and slow and lasting death]
  9.  Rahu [denotes incurable health problems]

Different Combination for Cancer Disease

  • The main planets that cause cancer are Rahu, Mars, Mercury and Saturn.
  • Rahuis the poison of cancer
  • Mars give rise to tumor, ulcer, boils, wounds, cuts, operation etc.
  • Mercury multiplies the cancer cells
  • Afflicted Saturn makes the chronic and incurable diseases.
  • Gemini and Virgo can do much more in Cancer, if these signs are occupied by Mars, Mercury or Saturn they give diseases like Dustanas (6, 8, 12)
  • Planet Jupiter also plays a crucial role in causing along-with preventing cancer.
  • Unaffiliated Jupiter if placed in trine and is not aspected by malefic Mars or Mercury; and Jupiter if aspects the Ascendant from the 9th or 5th house it will protect the native from Cancer.Cancer Kundali
  • Whereas Jupiter if placed in the 6th or 8th house, and affiliated Mars,Saturn, Rahu or Mercury aspects these houses, then native may likely to suffer from incurable disease Cancer.
  • House afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, will give cancer to that part of the body representing the afflicted House.

For example:  Aspect of Saturn and Rahu on 2nd house, will give the Cancer in throat area.

  • Aspect by Saturn and Rahu on 6th / 8th /12th lord’s give diseases like cancer in that part of body where these lords are positioned. Ex. If 6th lord is positioned in 5th house and aspect by Saturn and Rahu may give abdomen cancer.
  • Lord of any house positioned in 6th / 8th /12th house and aspect by Saturn and Rahu may badly afflict the body parts represented by that house.

For e.g. if 4th lord is posited in 8th house, and aspect by Saturn and Rahu, will cause cancer in the chest region

  • If Lords of ascendant and 6th House Lord if joins in any house and aspect by Saturn and Rahu may give cancer to that part of body.

Ex: if lords of ascendant/6th join in 8th house and aspect by Saturn and Rahu will give cancer to reproductive organs.

  • Above combination if influenced by Mars then surgery of that part of the body may happens.
  • 6th, 8th and 12th houses if associated in any way can indicate slow and live death due to a chronic disease.