Diseases and Vaastu

We all are well aware of the universal fact that, our body is constituted of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. It is due to the complicated balance of these elements on the earth which leads to the evolution of human and other organisms. Any imbalance in these elements can leads to diseases in humans. The balance in these natural elements can be restored using Vaastu principles.

One of the main causes behind diseases is an imbalance in the fire element in that house. If your house faces South with a slope towards South direction or the underground water tank in Southeast, then there is a possibility of health problems constantly to the inmates.

Vaastu of a living place impacts on procuring good health along with all-round prosperity; specifically a house constructed according to Vaastu principles can attains Life’s 3 P’s i.e. Peace, Prosperity and Progress.


A structure made according to Vaastu Shastra principles can yields maximum benefits and bestows in health, wealth and harmony. Generally principles of Vaastu if followed properly then the misery of inmate’s due to illness or some defects cures biologically or naturally after the directional defects are rectified.

Every house may have a one or other Vastu defects or dosh, many occupants unaware of this fact and they don’t really understand the reason behind prolonged illness of people living in that house.

In some houses, disease comes into existence due to wrong construction of the house in wrong directional placement of elements which can only be cured with effective Vaastu remedial measure. Vastu remedial measures are helpful in quick recovery and overcome from chronic disease also.

The relation between disease and Vaastu defects in the house can be recognized on the following points.     

  1. A heavy construction in North-east direction can leads to insomnia, mental disorders, stress, irritation and a constant state of illness which prevails or restricts the entrance of natural energy in that house.
  2. An extension in South-east, a bedroom or a door in this direction can cause mental stress, disturbed mind, high blood pressure and mostly female health problems.
  3. An underground water tank in South-east direction of the house can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, Children’s health problems, problems related to kidney.
  4. Defected South-east adversely affects on 2nd Son of that house
  5. A heavy construction in the North direction and a light construction in the South and / or a heavy construction in East direction and a light construction in the West will barricade the flow of good energy that associated with good health, can cause physical weakness and prolonged ailments.
  6. Any heavy construction in the Brahmasthan i.e. in the center of the house, Water element, Fire element in Brahmsthan can also leads to toxic diseases.
  7. Extension, Depression, underground water element in South-west direction can cause to bad health of the owner, bad addiction to male child in that house, post accident ailments and sometimes leads to UN-natural death. diseses
  8. Underground water sources in the South causes gynecological problems, intellectual disorders, and intolerance.  

By adhering with simple Vaastu principles one can enjoy good health and peace of mind.