Drumstick Health Benefits

The Drumstick (Moringa leaves) name has arrived because of their seed pods are long and trim like the sticks that used in drums. This tree is rather slender with drooping branches that grows up to 10 m in height. It is re-cultivated by cutting it back to one meter. This tree is allowed to re-grow and in this way the leaves and seed pods are always at reachable height.

The health benefits of drumsticks were first come to notice around two decades back and becoming popular in India, as a healthy foods due to their health benefits and rich in Vitamins, Iron, Calcium, Minerals and other nutritional values.


The drumstick tree is getting popularity in the backyards of houses in South India. The pods of the drumstick are used as an important Healthy foods in India, in many curries, sauces etc.

Drumstick Nutritional Values


Nutrient value-Pods

Nutrient value-Leaves

Energy 37 Kcal (2%) 64 Kcal (3%)
Carbohydrates 8.53 g (6.5%) 8.28% (6%)
Protein 2.10 g (4%) 9.40 g (17%)
Total Fat 0.20 g (1%) 1.40% (7%)
Cholesterol 0 mg (0%) 0 mg (0%)
Dietary Fiber 3.2 g (8%) 2.0 g (5%)


Folates 44 µg (11%) 40 µg (10%)
Niacin 0.680 mg (4%) 2.220 mg (14%)
Pyridoxine 0.120 mg (9%) 1.200 mg (92%)
Riboflavin 0.074 mg (6%) 0.660 mg (51%)
Thiamin 0.053 mg (4.5%) 0.257 mg (21.5%)
Vitamin A 74 IU (2.5%) 7564 IU (252%)
Vitamin C 141mg (235%) 51.7 mg (86%)


Sodium 42 mg (3%) 9 mg (0.5%)
Potassium 461 mg (10%) 337 mg (7%)


Calcium 30 mg (3%) 185 mg (18.5%)
Iron 0.36 mg (4.5%) 4.00 mg (50%)
Magnesium 45 mg (11%) 147 mg (37%)
Phosphorus 50 mg (9%) 112 mg (20%)
Selenium 8.2 µg (15%) 0.9 µg (1.5%)
Zinc 0.45 mg (4%) 0.60 mg (5%)

Drumsticks are rich in nutrition content and almost all the plants possess healing significance. Its leaves are used as an excellent health tonic for maintaining and enhancing the strength of the skeletal system. They are also works as a blood purifier.Drumstick Health Benefits

To prepare this tonic, ground the drumstick leaves with water, filter it, and then mix it with milk.

The drumstick plant is extremely useful during pregnancy and lactation. Drumstick also provides necessary calcium, vitamins and iron for to be or hopeful mothers with.

This particularly helps to control the lethargy of the uterus, helps in smooth delivery process and decreases post-delivery complications.  

Drumsticks are high content of Vitamin C, Feeling low due to cold and sore throat, have drumstick soup to get relief instantly.

Drumstick leaves are also has medicinal properties and is useful in treating asthma, wheezing and other respiratory problems.

Drumsticks are high in Iron Vitamins and Calcium which makes the bones strong and healthy
Drumstick leaves can be eaten fresh, cooked, or stored as dried powder for many months without refrigeration, and even without losing the nutritional values. Where hunger is imminent, consuming the drumstick-leaves powder can be life-saving.

According studies of Trees for Life organization, “ounce-for-ounce, Moringa leaves contain Vitamin A more than Carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas,” and that the protein quality of Moringa leaves rivals that of milk and eggs. 

Drumstick leaves, flowers, and seeds are useful in treating sexual weakness and weakness.
A teaspoon of fresh drumstick-leaf juice mixed with honey and a glass of tender coconut water and if taken 2-3 times a day will works as a magnificent remedy for digestive problems like diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, jaundice, and cholera. Drumstick-leaf juice is a well-known treatment in urinary disorders like excessive urination.

Moreover, its leaves are one of the well sources of minerals like calcium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Iron alleviate anemia. Calcium is required for bone strengthening. Zinc plays a vital role in hair-growth, spermatogenesis, and skin health.