Eat Healthy and Stay Fit and Live Healthy Over 50

We all want to keep ourselves fit all the way, but with so many advice’s floating around there, it is quiet difficult to find out on which we can opt for.

To make it bit easier; we’ve smoothed up here some healthy strategies, to help in to reach your most ambitious fitness goals earlier.

Keep Learning

Instead of sticking with known and comfortable ideas, attempt something new. Visit out of ordinary places. Make new friends. New experiences will make new pathways in the brain, and keeps your mind healthy with aging. New experiences also expand the options for finding excitement and happiness.

Slash Your Alzheimer’s Risk

Want to keep your mind sharp as you get older? Get moving. Regular exercise in middle age can lower your odds of having memory and thinking problems when you’re older by almost half. Exercise boosts Blood flow to your Brain and helps new cells grow there. Just 30 minutes of walking, biking, or even gardening 5 days a week can make a difference.

Make Smarter Food Choices  Eat Healthy to stay Fit

With aging, your metabolism slows down and needs fewer calories. So with aging, Choose a foods which are filled with nutrients that required.

Eat dark leafy greens, colorful fruits and vegetables. Consume more in low-fat dairy foods to get enough calcium for bones. Prepared foods — like cereals with vitamin B12 and milk with vitamin D can also help. Cut down sugary drinks and sweets.

Cut Sodium

If your blood pressure is higher than it would normal? That’s not unusual. It rises as we grow older. Since sodium can take up your readings, cut down your salt intake.

Premade and Packaged foods are the worst sources of Salt, Bread and rolls are also contains a lot of salt.

Natural remedy

You require a natural remedy? Then Eat a banana, potassium from Banana will reduces the effects of sodium from diet and could lower blood pressure.


Decide your standard body weight or BMI, which depends on factors like as your sex, height, age and heredity. Excess body fat increases the chances of high blood pressure, heart Disease, stroke, Diabetes, and other illnesses.

Drink lots of water!

Most of the people don’t understand how drinking Water is important for us and most people are not drinking enough water!

Everyone should drink 6 to 7 liters of water a day!

Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime.

It is better to eat 2 hours before the Bedtime, so that our body can burn off the food we ate before we go to sleep which is idle.

Exercise!!Eat to Stay Fit

Exercise is enormous! Everyone should exercise at least 3-4 times a week and each session should be of 45 minutes each which will keep your heart at Up and running

If someone has o time to go Gym, then make a habit of exercising as part of your daily routine like 
take the stairs whenever possible instead of lift or elevator etc…