Emotions Harms Health

While performing our daily routine work we have to face many situations that actually we don’t expect. Everyone wants to live with happiness. Situation creates emotions like Fear, we become Anger, gives the Grief or the stress full events that may happens.

The following are the some emotions which may harm our health and invites the diseases.

Happiness ( JOY ): Gives Better Health 

Once people’s basic needs of food and shelter are meets up, minimum incomes may do little to boost the happiness. And it is proved fact that “happier people can live longer and healthier”. Positive mood, cheerfulness and humor are linked to better health and well-being. Happiness is correlated with better health, both in individuals and communities. Some studies have found that happiness is also associated to reduce the stress-related hormones and helps in better immune function

Fear:  Weakens Kidney 

The Kidney is the most affected organs by fear.  Fear causes Kidney problems and disease related to lowers back. This relationship can readily be observed when extreme fear causes a person to urinate frequently.Fear Weakns Liver

Fear also creates problem for urinary tract disorders. Someone if becomes fearful, the qi of that person drops down toward the sacrum and away from the surface of the body. As a result body contracts in self-protection, the blood circulation and breathing slows down, causing in conditions of excess and stagnation of core and depletion in the periphery. A common sign of this situation is cold hands and feet. That is literally known as “frozen with fear.” 

Grief (Sadness): Weakens Lung 

Grief has a direct connection with the Lungs, shortness of breath, crying, or depression. When breathing disturbs, the lungs extract qi from our breath, which regulates the supply of internal healing energy. When grief makes the lungs weakened, one’s general health and liveliness diminishes. However, this doesn’t mean that we should hold back sorrow. It is not healthy sign to hold back tears in response to any disappointing event. Both prolonged grief and unexpressed grief weaken lung qi. 

Anger: Weakens Liver  

Anger Weakens LiverRoot cause of Anger: When we think that our rights have been violated by someone else we naturally react in anger. Liver is the important detoxifying organ gets affected by Anger. Anger releases hormones which affect adversely on the muscles, blood vessels, urinary tract and insulin the blood sugar controlling Harmon. By its nature, anger raises the qi, leading to a red face and red eyes, headaches, and dizziness. Anger also “attack the spleen,” producing lack of appetite. 

Angry people neither live in peacefully nor they live in peace with others at the same time they will not live in peace with God also. 

Thus try to behave in peace to protect our liver by avoiding Angry and to keep away health problems. Have more forgiveness in your attitude rather than storing Anger within you. Employ yourself in physical activities to discharge these negative emotions.  Crying and laughing is the best remedies to overcome the Anger too.

Stress: Weakens Heart and Brain 

Stress releases the hormone glucocorticoid in the brain which slowly weakens the brain cells, and finally kills them.  Stress also releases Adrenaline, which makes us disturbed and confused. When this adrenaline isStress Weakens Heart not exhausted, it causes in excess production of glucocorticoids. An increased levels of glucocorticoids, weakens the memory. It also makes it difficult to transmit information back and forward, thereby causing short-term memory loss. The brain absorbs information better when it is relaxed, and in a positive state of mind. Stress created by emotions may cause the heart attacks. Again, the direct connection between a person’s emotional stress level and tendency for heart attacks is at higher risk.  Effects of emotional stress can make dangerous or health-threatening lifestyle choices which in turn can raise the probability of heart attacks in later life.

What are the Remedies 



Remedy is, Follow the Positive thinking that can help giving good health to the organs. Perhaps that is why “Laughter is the best Remedy”

In Conclusion what we understand is to recognize the Life in positive views, because all health problems are not caused by viruses or unhealthy diet and lifestyle.  These illnesses cannot be cured by herbal or compound medicine alone. Use Meditation as a part of Lifestyle and Experience the Positive Changes. Imagine excellent, Concentrate only on good acts, Help Needy people, Behave with Nature and Humanity. Observe your life will be full of Happiness.