Foods to Avoid in Summer

The temperatures are on the increased level as we enter into April, May. Whereas it’s so hot outside, there also generates more heat in the body, which can make us feel irritable, tired, and may cause Sleep disorders.

Thus summer is the phase to avoid certain foods that heats up the body. Here we give some foods that will help to avoid hassles like immune disorders and irritability during Summers.

Dried Fruits:

Even though dry fruits are considered extremely healthy food, they contain a lot of heat. So, it is better to minimize the intake of dry fruits during summer.Foods-to-Avoid-in - Summer

Dairy Products:

Cut down your daily intake of dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc. These are the heat generating foods and better not to eat them or less consumed during summer.

Too much spice:

Spice powder can certainly makes the food testy, but spices can also heat up the body, as they boost the rate of metabolism.

Non-Vegetarian food:

Summer is not the time to stick with rich meat gravies or Tandooris, chicken and even seafood. In fact, this makes a person be anxious and causes digestive disorders. It may also lead to diarrhea.

Oily junk food:

You must avoid burgers with meat patties, fries and other oily fare to stay cool and fresh.

Avoid Mangoes:

Mangoes are certainly most attractive fruit concerning in summer. However the fact is, it is a body warming food and intake of too many mangoes can develop heat pimples, especially among children and teenagers. Mango is Ushna in nature and creates heat. If you love to eat a lot of mangoes, then reimburse it with some slices of fresh cucumber. 


Tea and Coffee:

These beverages increases heat in the body so it’s better to avoid them.  Did you know caffeine and other hot beverages with added sugar can actually dehydrate the body, making your face flushed?

Water-in-SummerAvoid sauces: 

A cheese sauce is also avoidable. Sauce contains 350 calories and it leaves you feeling overstuffed and slow-moving. Some sauces also have too much Monosodium Glutamate and salt. As a substitute, go for nutritious and natural food.

While drinking enough water is essential, apart from that one have to the right foods to stay fit and healthy in summer.