Fruits for Glowing Skin

Simple lifestyle changes like including fruits in your healthy diets can give you glowing skin. Fruits help in Cleanse facial appearance; Skin rejuvenation, Natural hydration; Improvement of Skin texture and making the skin appear young and glowing. Fruits are safe and having no side effects and at affordable cost-effective. Fruits are free from toxins and hosts many skin and health benefits.

Let us have look on few fruits to get fair and glowing skin.

Lemon: It is high in Vitamin C and having natural bleaching properties making it a good cleanser that lightens blemishes, acne scars, spots and skin tone. Start the day by drinking 1 glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. This fights cellulite and Cleanse your skin from within.


A mixture of lemon juice and honey reduces blemishes and acquire glowing skin.

Oranges:  are rich source of Vitamin C, thereby improves skin texture. It removes blemishes and slows down the process of ageing. Dry orange peels, crush them into powder and store this in the airtight container. This can be used as a natural cleanse for facial once or twice weekly for clear and glowing skin.

Apples:  having high antioxidant action, prevents cell and tissue damage and works as anti-ageing means. It helps in minimizing wrinkles and well in keeping the bowels clean.

Apply apple juice mix with some honey on your face; let it dry and wash down. This is a very good hydrating face mask.



Bananas:  being rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B and E, act upon as anti-ageing means. Facial using a freshly mashed banana with some honey will give glowing skin. Banana is a rich source of fiber, minerals, magnesium and potassium; helps in blood circulation in the body. Banana can be used as healthy snacking in between meals.



Papaya: rich source of antioxidants and because of an enzyme called papain, papaya can expel skin impurities and remove dead skin cells when used as skin facial.

Rub your face gently with the inside of the papaya for a minute to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your skin. Papaya, Blend with 2 tablespoons of either honey or yogurt and use this mixture as a mask. Wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes and applying a moisturizer you will see difference.

Glowing SkinYou can also make some fruit packs at home that are good for Glowing skin