Health Benefits Of Pistachios [Pista]

Pistachios [Pista] appear strange and delicious, and available almost in every store. Pistachio is the healthiest snack ever, which boost metabolism, lowers cholesterol and slows down ageing. 

They deserve a special place in our diet because of the benefits that we will gain if we consume pistachios daily. 

Following are some of the precious benefits of Pistachios [Pista] 


  1. By consuming pistachios for a few days, it will reduces cholesterol by 20 percent, which is a result of the large quantity of the Antioxidants lutein that present in Pista.Health Benefits Of Pistachios [Pista]
  2. ntioxidants helps in filtration of cholesterol in blood vessels and prevent inflammations.
  3. Pistachios are a great source of fiber, 100 gm of this precious dry-fruit can enough to accelerating the metabolism and alleviating digestion process. 
  4. Pista are the Power-house of minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. 100 gms of Pista-nuts provide 144% of daily- copper requirement. Copper is necessary trace mineral that is required in Nero-transmission, Metabolism, also red blood cell (RBC) formation.
  5. Pista regulates blood sugar level and keep in check the Diabetes. One cup of Pista contains 60 percent of the recommended dose of phosphorus. phosphorus in Pista stimulates glucose endurance as well. In addition, this mineral breaks down proteins and amino acids.
  6. Research has also shown consuming diet including Pistacia vera reduces the systolic blood pressure, and vascular consequences to stress in adults due to high cholesterolPistachio-Nuts-Benefits
  7. Presence of essential fatty acids [EFA] in Pistachios increase the sexual power of men even for 51 percent if used-up regularly. EFA helps in creation of Sex hormones and increase the blood flow to the genital organ.
  8. Pistachios are the bests in Nuts in terms of Antioxidants they include, which supposed to the Key factors in the body revitalization process and this is why Pista are declared as a natural Botox. Five to Ten Pistacia vera per day are suggested to fight against wrinkles.
  9. Pistachios are excellent sources of vitamin-E; particularly rich in gamma-tocopherol; constitute about 23 g per 100 g. vitamin E is an almighty lipid-soluble Antioxidant that essential for maintaining the unity of cell membranes of tissue layer and skin. In addition, vitamin E works as scavengers of harmful Free oxygen radicals from the human body.

Buy the Pistachios, with unpeeled ones, since they are full with or not having any damage and you can count every opening of the shell, to avoid overeating.

Safety Visibility


Pistachio nut allergy are sometimes occur as an allergic indications because of chemical compound anacardic acid (urushiol) Cross-reactions may also occur with some other related tree nuts and fruits of Anacardiaceae family such as mango, cashew nuts… etc. Someone with known allergic activities to these nuts may requires to observe caution while eating cashews and mango, and conversely.

The reaction symptoms may be in-form of simple skin itching (rash) to severe form anaphylactic indications including breathing difficulty, abdomen pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea.