Healthy Lifestyle Tips

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?


Healthy lifestyle is a state of total physical, mental, and social well-being, not simply just the deficiency of disease. This is the definition for Healthy Lifestyle, According to (WHO) World Health Organization,

Healthy Lifestyle or Living Healthy is the dealings and strategies one puts in to achieve most favorable health. Healthy Living is taking responsibility for your decisions and making smart health choices today, for coming future. It is the thought that you need just 21 days to form any habit including Good healthy habits.


Get 8 hours of sleep.


One of the most important good healthy habits is to get the adequate eight hours sleep every day. A good rest is essential to the body to function properly and keep away stress and fatigue the modern lifestyle diseases.

Deficiency in Sleep will charge on body and mind as well, so never ever think gaining more by sleeping less.

Wake up early

we always think that there aren’t enough hours in a day. Wake up early is too good habit for a good Health, possibly even before the alarm rings. When you wake up early, you get more time to plan and achieve more in your work. As they say, the early bird catches the worm (food).

Balanced Diet, Healthy Break Fast

Eat healthy breakfast


Eating healthy breakfast is the most important serving food of the day. So, stimulate your day with a Good healthy breakfast! A healthy breakfast will give you the liveliness you require to face the day. There are some facts to suggest that eating breakfast can help people to manage their health problems


Eat fruits & vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables for Good Health


Many health professionals promotes consuming of 1/5 portions with fruits and vegetables in daily diet. This healthy diet will help the body and brain to get in all the nutrients required for fundamental performance internally. So make it habit to eat Fruits and vegetables in your daily diet which not only promotes a good health but reduces health problems as well.


Treat in me-time

Life demands a lot from us and we try to meet the expectations, never forget one person who is the most important in this contest – “YOU”- Take time each day to reproduce, gather your feelings or emotions and simply be in touch with your soul.

Think before you decide

We are always speedy to act it now, buy on high-speed, and do whatever it’s before too late. But it’s very important, you should think about what you would like to do before taking the action. Think at least 10 minutes to analyze the choice prior to deciding.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Exercise

Exercise for 30 minutes


If you’re in a Sedentary Lifestyle job, it’s important to get some form of physical activities every day to have a Healthy Lifestyle. A minimum of 30 minutes of Exercise is needed to keep your health in good form. Use the stairs instead of lift, walk in the park, clean the toilet, keep involved in such activities.




There are always daily tasks to perform, but do what’s important first. Also, when it comes down to do it, know what’s important in your life. Choose things first that will give you deep achievement and give confidence you. Never neglect those around you in the process and don’t forget you’re I-Love-Yours.

Stop worrying

Stop Worrying- for Good Health

As a human being, we are lying face along with the feelings of self-doubts and worry. Remember that, if you are constantly worrying about whatever your role is may be, a daughter, friend, Son, Boss or Worker, you are in fact going to bring down your health, with your own self-destroying forecast.

Keep the dream

It is always nice to dream about work. This keeps you motivated and not loses sight what you desire the most. Have a reminder with a photo or quote which you like most and can look at every day which gives you continuous refreshment when life gets hard.

When you change this life habits effectively, then you will have your Life Style excellent!