Healthy Lifestyle

There are  so many  things which responsible for getting  diseases  or illness and to affect Healthy Lifestyle. The main reason is food and  ill  eating habits.
The  food what we eat is of two kinds


Food  which Acidic in nature are leads to make  impure the blood and causes the disease.
Foods that impure the blood are : Refined grains, Pasteurized dairy items  conventional meat, Vegetable oils, Artificial sweeteners,  Processed sugars,  Root vegetables, Spices, Food cooked in oil, Ice cream, Tinned food, Chocolates etc. are acid-forming foods.
If  consumed excessively, these foods forces the digestive system to work hard and make it weak. Wastes accumulates and we become  sick. We cannot avoid these food totally, limit them upto 25%. But when you are sick avoid them totally.



The alkaline food produces blood and eliminates diseases  from the body. Food that produces blood are: Green and Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Spinach, unpolished grains, Honey, Whole grains, Juices of fresh Vegetables ,Fruits and Wheatgrass. If  consumed in moderate these foods helps in easy digestion of food. Increases the blood in the body, Detoxifies the body. Ensure that 75% of your daily food intake should contain these foods. Considering the intensity of disease the food intake should be reduced or stopped.
It is not possible to avoid acidic food completely, but that can be restricted up to 25%.  Because if we eat  Acidic food  frequently it takes long time to digest. The digestive system has to work continuously  without rest.  Bioenergy level  comes down which brings lethargy and making organs inactive. Large amount of wastes mix in the blood, which obstacles smooth flow of blood circulation in the body. Because of that various organs of the body will not get sufficient blood, they gives signals in the form of pains (just as we feel hungry when the body needs food ). This is what we call as  DIS-EASE

When we fall sick, we don’t find the main cause of the disease, we use to take the medicines, by which we may get temporary relief. But the wastes are not eliminated from the body. After some time the same wastes reappears in the new form of disease. One has to think about how to eliminate these impurities and purify the blood. To achieve this we have to intake the food which is rich in alkaline in nature. This is what we call it as Change in food Habit.

Depending upon the intensity and nature of the diseases small quantity or some time no food can be helpful from overcoming these diseases. Bioenegry or pranashakti in the body can be enhanced by doing some “Pranayams”.  As a results, blood get purified as the impurities are eliminated from the body. Blood flows freely in all organs of the body and in turn enables the organs to function properly. This we call as Servicing of the Body.

Those who are not having any  disease can also follow the above method for happy and healthy lifestyle. Good health by following these simple natural food habits is entirely in your hands

Making a small changes in diet, you can aims to total Happy and Healthy Lifestyle.