Heart Attacks and Astrological Combinations

Heart diseases can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle changes. Here we give or describe in briefly about the wisdom that contained in the Vedic Astrology about this disease and some suggested remedies therein.

Afflictions of sign Cancer, fourth house and Sun indicate heart diseases.      

Affliction of Sun in 4th house of a horoscope definitely causes affliction to heart beats. Affliction of Sun in different houses may create different types of heart complications.  Astrology and Heart Attacks

Electrical activity is controlled by Ketu. Affliction of Sun with Ketu causes trouble in electrical activity of heart resulting into heart failure. 

Afflicted Mars in Cancer or fourth house weakens heart muscles. Heart purifies the blood by pouring oxygen into it. And Sun represents oxygen also. 

Afflicted Sun in Cancer or Capricorn can also result into heart problem.           

Affliction of Sun in the fourth house indicates further complication of heart.           

Afflicted Ketu in fourth house indicates weakening of heart, i.e. creates disturbance in electrical activity or rhythm of heart.           

Hypertension or blood pressure is denoted by an angular Sun along with afflicted Saturn or Mars.           

Rahu, Mars and Ketu if highly connected with Sun and fourth house, it will cause heart diseases. Mostly such combinations will cause weakening of heart muscles or increase in carbon dioxide in the blood.           

Sun will get afflicted if it is connected with the lords of 6th 8th or 12th houses or with the houses themselves. 

AstrologyThe fourth and fifth house or the lords of these houses should not be afflicted.

A relationship of 4th and 5th house or their lords must be established with 6th or 8th house, it will create Heart problems.           

Generally heart attacks will happen in the Dasha / Bhukti of afflicted planets or in the Dasha / Bhukti of 12th from Sun or in the Dasha / Bhukti of 4th lord.

Actual timing of heart troubles is tough work and to find out the time exactly requires analysis of Gochar (transits of Planets).           

Venus rules over the veins. Affliction of Venus with Sun or fourth house will results in blood vessels to become narrow and improper blood flow to the Heart.  

Here are few combinations that creates heart diseases

  1. Ketu and Mars in the fourth house.
  2. Afflicted Moon in his enemies house
  3. Sun and Saturn if placed in sin house.
  4. Sixth house lord and Sun if placed in fourth house.
  5. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter if placed in fourth house.
  6. Saturn, Jupiter and sixth house lord if placed in fourth house.
  7. Mercury in Lagna, Sun and Saturn in sixth house aspected by or conjoined by malefic planets.
  8. Rahu and Moon if placed in the Seventh house and Saturn in a Kendra.
  9. If Jupiter is afflicted by weakened Mars, sixth lord with malefic and Sun in Vrischika rasi.
  10. Afflicted Moon placed in fourth house and three malefic in one house.         

General Remedies according to Astrology

If you suspect any heart disease, consult your doctor first. These suggested remedies can be followed as preventive measures or in addition to regular medical treatment

These are some of the suggested remedies on three consecutive day’s i.e. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday which can protect you and speed-up your treatment.

Recite the Gayatri Mantra at Sun-rising time on Sundays by sitting in a comfortable posture in a quiet place. Recite 108 times in one sitting:


“Om Bhurbhavasva, Tatsviturvarenium,
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhioyonaprachchodiaat”


Recite the Moon mantra on Mondays at night by sitting in a comfortable posture in a quiet place. Recite 108 times in one sitting:

“Om Som Somaaya Namah:” 


Recite the Mars mantra on Tuesdays at duskby sitting in a comfortable posture in a quiet place. Recite at least 108 times in one sitting:

“Om Angangarkaaya Namah:”