Hibiscus in Hair Loss Treatment

Stress could be the major cause to Hair Loss in working women as well as House wives. Obviously so far every Woman is looking for hair loss treatment which is free from side effects.  Just trying the below hair loss treatment or remedies for Two-Three months, the Hair loss percentage could certainly reduce even up to 5% from most of 60 to 70%.

How to Prevent Hair Loss:


Weekly practice


To prevent the hair loss, apply Hibiscus oil at the roots and at tip of the hair and not on full length of the hair in the night two hours before going to sleep twice or thrice in a week.Hibiscus to Prevent Hair Loss

Wash your hair with home-based hibiscus shampoo (recipe is below) in the morning and dry the hairs naturally using a towel or air dry.

Fortnight practice

At every 15 days, apply hot oil on your hair. [Hot oil recipe is given below]

Hot Oil Recipe:

You can choose any one combination in the ratio 2:1:

Coconut  / Olive; Coconut/ Amla or Coconut / Almond.

Mix them and pour in to a clay vessel.

Heating procedure:

    1. Boiled Water: Boil water on a stove for 5 minutes. Place the ceramic container in this boiled water for 5 minutes. Make the oil just lukewarm. If not, keep that bowl over hot water further 5 minutes.
    2. Microwave – Keep the oil container in Microwave at low power for 2 minutes and leave it to cool down at room temperature.
    3. Let the oil come down at room temperature. Meanwhile, cover your head with a steamed towel so as to open the hair follicles.
    4. Apply the oil to the hair roots and massage gently for 10 -15 minutes.
    5. Leave it for overnight according to your choice.
    6. Wash the hairs with hibiscus shampoo

Hibiscus Shampoo for hair Loss [Recipe]:

      1. Resolve just handful of Hibiscus leaves and flowers.
      2. Wash them thoroughly; remove pollen from the flower and petiole in the middle part of the leaf.
      3. Soak the leaves in the hot water for 10 minutes.
      4. Take the leaves and flowers from the hot water and run through the mixer. You will get a sticky and foamy paste.
      5. Apply this paste to the hair and leave it for 5 minutes this helps in Stop hair loss.

Please note: – this paste should be used immediately, because this paste cannot be stored.

Hibiscus Dry Shampoo

In case of not having a hibiscus plant, you can still make shampoo using this method.

  • Dry the hibiscus leaves & flowers in the Sunlight for 3 days.
  • Once dried make powder from that.
  • Just mix this powder with water and apply it on your hair to prevent the hair loss.

Hibiscus Infused TeaHibiscus Hair Loss Treatment

Apply hibiscus infused tea to the hair in the night this will help to prevent the hair loss.


    • Add 3-4 Hibiscus leaves and one flower without pollen in Boiled water.
    • Let it boil for 15 minutes.
    • And Let it to come down at room temperature, apply over the hair. Your hair will be shiny and have a silky look on very next day.


This infused tea can be stored up to 15 days in a hair spray bottle, so that it can be applied easily when required. You can just use it as hair spray when needed to shine your hair instantly.Apply hibiscus infused tea to the hair in the night this will help to prevent the hair loss.