Honest People Live Longer

Whether honest or dishonest, no human being in the world can found those don’t faced difficulties.

What is honesty? 


Honesty is the excellence in human behavior. It is a right obligation between behavior and relationships with other people. Honesty is significant to have or to live a happy life.

An honest people will be always tension free, and it’s a fact that tension-free people will live longer. If we are firm on that, what commitments and promises we made with people are honestly then, don’t worry about the results.

On the contrary if we’re in doubt then it will create tension (worry, stress, and anxiety) and all of us know that, these are the key factors in causing various types of diseases.Honest

The dishonest people will have to face sufferings because they do something illegal or morally wrong. While facing problems these people accept easily that they are suffering because they committed wrong. In fact, when any government official involves in corruption or any criminal person commits a crime, he is mentally prepared to suffer the penalty if he is caught.

So, dishonest person does not criticize as much about the problems, because he himself invited the situation by doing illegal acts.

However, an honest person does not prepared for facing any problems. Honest person are of the illusion that being honest is noble and good. Hence, they think, they will never suffer any problem in their life.

But the fact is problems are expected in the life as illness; old age and even death.

Honest people suffer less in reality. They live according to their conscious and sleep quietly in night. One can hardly find an honest government officer is going to jail or suffering suspension. Honest people are widely respected in the society provided if they work hard and deliver good results.

However, if someone is just honest and not sociable and skilled, he can’t do well in life nor would he be liked by people. Most failed honest people instead of blaming themselves for their weakness and shortcomings, they blame being honesty for all their problems.

Honesty creates trust, enhances relationship, and expands civilization. This is why honesty is the important factor to live freely and for happy life.

Honesty against dishonesty


It is true that dishonesty will help to make you rich and popular in few days but nearer or later dishonest people can fall from top to bottom in 1 or another day.

You commit dishonesty even once; all your honesty becomes doubtful. All the reputation you accumulated in their life will go away at once.Honesty

Honest people do not require too much money. They will live happily and will get good night sleep easily. Honesty takes time and honesty tests natives in lot of aspects of life.

It depends on how much you are able to remain honest in everything in their life while facing the problems. Honesty gives you a lot more than dishonest people. Truth only wins and it was a fact yesterday, today and will remain tomorrow also.

Test the honesty


Do you want to see the power of truth then contract with people honestly without any bias by wholehearted. Honesty attracts honest people. Honest businessman you will attract honest clients.

In every walk of life remember these lines “Jessi Karni, Waisi Bharni” or “As you sow, so shall you Reap”

What happens when all the people become honest?


  1. No corruption because of honest people and wisdom in their duties.
  2. Honest people will be less stressed, thus they will be at lower chances of stress induced diseases.
  3. Honesty displays dedication and dedication increases productivity And increased productivity leads to higher economic growth and economic constancy.
  4. Honesty in personal and business dealings builds strong relationships.

And what happens when all the people become dishonest?


  1. Corruption increases because of selfishness.
  2. Because of doubts in relationships and business dealings there develops more stress.
  3. Dishonest people will work for only to make money and they didn’t think about the social responsibilities, solidarity, goals, etc. this makes the poor even poorer and the rich will become even richest.
  4. In dishonesty there are no long lasting relationships and friendships will exist.  It will create more illegal or promote unethical works, crimes, and violence.