How Alcohol Affects the Heart

We all are aware of the fact that, drinking alcohol excessively often or to excess is not a good idea, for a better health. Mean while there are other things also we should know about alcohol and its impact on the heart.

Straight to Your Head

Within few seconds of a first sip alcohol races into brain. It slows down the chemicals and pathway that our brain cells use to send the messages. This alters mood, slows our reflexes, and throws off the balance. We are not able to think in straight; which we will not recall later, because we have to struggle more to store things in long-term memory.

Some of the health conditions also make drinking alcohol more dangerous; For example, people who are on cholesterol-lowering medications may experience muscle aches when they consume alcohol.

Because alcohol and cholesterol lowering medicine are processed by the liver, they are, in a sense, competing with each other for clearance. So it’s important to think about overall health and talk to health care provider about the personal risk factors.Alcohol

Alcohol is made out of sugar; “So a diabetic person and / or person with high triglyceride is concern, it’s not advocated to drink alcohol.”

If you have liver dysfunction or taking other medicines that is processed through the liver, then risks might be different. Talk with your health care provider about how alcohol might interact among your medicines.

Red wine can be better choice than hard liquor. But avoiding alcohol is best.

There are some evidences that drinking glass of red wine occasionally may be good for your heart either by preventing heart disease or lowering risk of heart diseases. But overall     “It’s better not to drink any alcohol at all”

 “As we get older, our ability to clear alcohol definitely decreases and our sensitivity to alcohol probably increases,”

“Also as we get older, we end up with having more diseases, as a necessity we could be on medicines, which can interfere with the body in Alcohol metabolism.”

How Alcohol Affects Heart and BrainWhereas consuming alcohol in moderation is right for most of the peoples, it’s important to know that you can fall victim to holiday heart syndrome if you over drink. This will happen when you are in overeating and overindulging in alcohol which causes irregular heartbeat.

Holiday heart means if you don’t drink alcohol normally, but have a few / or binge drink at a holiday party, and then develop an irregular heartbeat, called atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation can increases risk of stroke, heart attack and heart failure.

[The WHO recommendations are, one drink per day for women and two for men can be treated as a “Drink in moderation”]

Thin Bones, Less Muscle

Heavy drinking can pitch off calcium levels. Along with the hormone changes those alcohol triggers, which can resist in building up new bones. Booze also limits blood flow to muscles and creates hurdles in process of forming muscles. Over time, you’ll have lower muscle mass and less strength.


Pancreas Damage and Diabetes

Normally, Pancreas produces insulin and other chemicals which help the intestines to break down food. But alcohol jams this process up. The chemicals stay inside the pancreas. Along with toxins from alcohol, they cause irritation in the organ, which leads to serious damage. After the years, you won’t be able to make the insulin that needed, which can lead to diabetes. It also causes likely to get pancreatic cancer.

The Steps to Liver Disease

The Alcohol we drink is processed by Liver, during this process; Liver handles a lot of toxins. Heavy drinking can makes the liver fatty and becomes thicker, fibrous tissues build up. This will limit blood flow to this organ, so liver cells don’t get what they require to survive. The Liver Cell get starts die off, and gets scars and stops working, a disease called cirrhosis.

An Offbeat HeartHow Alcohol Affects Heart

One night of binge drinking can jumble the electrical signals and keep your heart’s rhythm steady. If you do this for years, you can make those changes permanently.

Over time, it causes heart muscles to droop and stretch, like an old rubber band. It can’t pump blood normally, which impacts every part of your body.

Heavy drinking is a very hard on the heart. It causes cardiomyopathy, which is the stretching and drooping of heart muscle. It causes myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle, and it also causes arrhythmia, which is irregular heartbeat.

More Stomach Acid

Booze [Alcoholic Drink] irritates the inside layer of stomach and makes digestive juices to flow. When enough acid and alcohol build up, we get nauseated and may throw up. Years of high drinking will cause painful sores called ulcers in the stomach. And high levels of stomach juices means we won’t feel hungry. This is the reason why long-term drinkers don’t get all the nutrients they require.

Your Brain Shrinks

Drinking heavily for a long time, booze can affect our brain workings. Its cells start to change and even get it smaller. Too much alcohol actually shrinks the brain. And that’ll have big effects on the ability to think, learn, and remember the things. It also makes it harder to keep normal body temperature and control the movements.