How to Defeat Sadness

Sadness [Grief], the root cause of many physical ailments, needs to be nipped at in open stage. Moreover, untreated sadness will require special attention because that can leads to irrefutable depression. Depression disorders are scattering like wildfire these days.

Sadness management requires a deep analysis considering its causes also. There are various widespread theories which explain causes of sadness. Generally, the person becomes victims of sadness when he fails to pursue in achieving the happiness.

It is believed that Sadness could be the negative ending of the humor whose positive end could be the happiness. Sadness can be defined as a Neuro-physiological situation in which psychosomatic factors play a vital role. Psychological science has recognized after verifying that people tend to be more Decisive, Skillful, Healthy, Positive, Creative, Motivated, Social, Trusting, Loving, And Caring when they are in happy mood as compared to having in low state of mind. Consequently, the mental state determines our behavior as well. How-to-Overcome-Depression

Hence, can we take the charge of our mental state to regulate our behavior? Can we move smoothly into the most dynamic, resourceful state at willpower – an energetic state of our mind, where we can be sure of success?

For that, we have to replicate the functioning of the brain. The functions of the brain are performed by the parts of the limbic system [group of structures in the brain associated with emotions and drives.] able to detect the impulses of happiness and sadness. Our mental state, either happy or sad, involves biological changes in to our brain.

Thus, depression otherwise can be considered as an outcome of a high or the reduced levels of selected molecules in the blood. Sadness, being the outcome of the malfunctioned [Fails to Normal Functioning] biochemical reactions, hence associated with our process of thought.  However, our present medicines not succeed to introduce the positiveness that required to overcome our depressed thought level. Right now there is no any medicine which can change or modify our thinking approach. Meditation for Depression That’s why it’s important to attach ourselves into spirituality, which provides a complete skill set to mastering our mind and, hence, controlling our brain activity as well. By using the Mind control approach; this paralysed neurophysiologic state called sadness can be changed easily. A particular wound if undressed overtime, that pain will not be relieved. Likewise, sadness, miserable, is also requires timely approach to manage it.   Don’t cover or escape from it; instead, try to find its root cause, and heal it right from the origin.

How to Overcome Depression 

The curative tactic to overcome sadness involves the primary step to get rid from negative thoughts and approach, which effectively work on our thought process.  And this strategy can be implemented by using the meditation which based upon the glow of Soul. However, implementing this strategy in our life pattern, we need to achieve Spiritual Knowledge – Gyan

Be happy.

Studies reveled that when we redirect our attention on Positivity, your Serotonin levels increase.  Serotonin the element known for alter our thoughts and can leads blood flow to the brain, but recently scientists discovered that our thinking can also change neurotransmitter levels.  Meditation also useful in increase the dopamine levels along with feelings of  Happiness  which alters Serotonin levels in the brain. Basically, low serotonin level may cause to feel sad, while increased Serotonin levels makes feeling happy. It’s not clear which is more effective, but superior way to increase the Serotonin may be using psychotherapy methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation. 

Get outside more.


How-to deafet Sadness

Working outside can increase your output, happiness, and health.  However, working outdoors is not something that most of the people prefer so. However, studies have shown that bright light exposure will be a finest way to increase Serotonin levels and alleviate the depression.


The proper exercise can be beneficial for a number of reasons.  A huge review of most of the available evidence shows that exercise is extremely good in improving depressive symptoms and increasing mood.  Some NGOs are even recommending exercise instead of antidepressants, because “the risk–benefit ratio is very poor for antidepressant patients”.  In other words, exercise is more effective and safer, at least for people at early stage of depression or mild depression.

Healthy Diet

Studies have revealed that consuming of Omega-3s can improve the mood.  On the contrary, intake of large amounts of oxidized artificial Tran’s fats can decrease the mental activities and can hurt the mood.  When you eat these fats, they’re assimilating into brain and other tissues and replace the fats that we need like omega-3s, and makes more irritable, less intelligent, and less Bulletproof.