How to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

To live with happy and healthy life that doesn’t require huge amour or time, just a little desire, Simple Lifestyle changes and motivation can be more than sufficient.

Eat Well


Avoid Trans Fats

Eating Trans Fats containing foods can make you feel depressed. Tran’s fats are enclosed within the ingredients and shown with the word “hydrogenated” in them. Many brands of margarine are now Trans fat-free, and prominently display this information on the label. However, many baked goods and even cake mixes contain Trans fats.

Instead processed foods, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, as these are natural sources of Vitamins and minerals. 

Eat More “Super foods”

Include more vitamin-packed super foods in your diet. These foods not only keep you healthier and more energetic, but many of them fight against stress also. Once in a week, make new recipe using a super food to have a healthy diet. You can try preparing healthy breakfast with Salmon, Mushrooms, Avocados, Beans, Walnuts, and Whole grains. 

Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Having difficulty in sleeping, caffeine could be the reason. Cut down the caffeine intake and limit yourself to drinking them early in the morning. Try cutting out caffeine overall and substitute caffeine beverages with herbal tea. Keep in mind, many sodas and energy drinks contain caffeine, like many energy bars and chocolate foods. 

Explore Your Spirituality  


Spirituality and Happy life

Do you think you are spiritual? Going to Temple, is a finest way to increase the social relations and Spirituality in your life. That provides many reasonable activities to your families, and serves as a support system and help in a crisis. Temples are also a good place to make new contacts when you are looking for something new.  

Promote a Friendship Network

Neglecting friendship can lose a friend. See your friends regularly and make it your schedule in lifestyle. Whether you are Bachelor or Married, engage yourself in weekly get-together to watch your favorite Game or a TV show, or join a monthly dinner club. The essential thing is you should have strong friendships to safeguard challenges in Life.

Weekend Habit

To boost your mind and body have a weekend celebrations with your loved one. This could be effective rather than expensive. The logic is just to have something new which can change the prospect and to have a good health.

A walk in nearby park with family or friends can be great approach to get some exercise with fresh air, may be some social interaction and don’t forget good health also.

Move More

Sitting all the day is quiet unhealthy for both mind and the body. To keep a fit health, get up and have a relaxing walks at every waking hour for few minutes, and take a 5-10 minutes’ walk daily during your lunch hour.

Sleep wellGood Night Sleep

Getting adequate sleep will facilitate you to do your work better and help you in handle the daily challenges. Inadequate sleep or sleep disorders can highly influence your health, even in just a little deprived sleep also.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, Seven hours Good night sleep can be quiet enough for healthy Adults. 


Relax an Hour by Bedtime

Shut down the Internet at least an hour before going to bed. And avoid exercise at bedtime, because that increases your circulation. Necessity is to clear the mind, and to cool down the mind, watch laughter TV shows or read a book or magazine. 

Spend Time with Nature 


Take a Walk in the Wild

A park is fine to go with Nature, but it should be better if more in Natural. Listen carefully to the sounds, sights, and smells around you. Though you are in the city, get the time to look up the Sky and notice how it looks on that day.

Go outside for at least 15 minutes, on wintry days you can walk rapidly and get some Sun rays on your face. The sun helps your body to produce vitamin D, which many people have a deficiency of it.

Concluding remark 

Reading this entire, try to lead a happy and healthy life, what to make the changes is up to you. Start with the items what most suits you, And some of might works and some of the others after little time. Keep a note about which changes you have made and how they worked for you and what kinds of things make you happy.