How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking [Thoughts] is the form of imagining or expecting that some thing bad will happen or nothing good will ever so happen for me. We might fret about our health degenerating, relationship is going descending, car is breaking down or career being washed-up – even though nothing is actually to be happened. 

We focus on the lacks in our life and consider that nothing will ever get better for us. Stress affiliated to financial future, the welfare of Children or our partners behavioral nature. 

Another pattern of negative thoughts is behavior of constant criticism. You may be very rough on yourself, focusing in on all of your weaknesses and perceived faults.

Likewise, you will extend this habit of criticism to others, those around in your life. This will be the cause of large strain on relationships. Negative self talk and self criticism frequently results in low self respect and a lack of self-confidence.

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Some people tries to get rid from low self esteem to correct themselves from these feelings by reaching achievements and forming status or recognition. Others may feel completely weakened and unworthy, isolating themselves from others or never attempting to reach their goals.

When the mind continuously hones on what is wrong with your-self with others, then you get separated from what is correct and good, here you become stuck with negativity.

Usually the mind, doesn’t justice or analyze thoughts and views before accepting them. If what mind hears, perceives and reads is always negative, it accepts this as a standard.

Effects of Negative Thinking


According to experts, negativity actually prevents motives from being transmitted from the central nervous system to the brain. Because of the brain cannot understand motivations correctly, this affects the working of the brain and body.

Consequently:                                                                                                    Effects of Negative-thoughts

  • Memory will affected

  • Sleep disorders

  • Emotional distresses become the order of the day

  • Immune function can also be affected, resulting in to probable health disorders

  • These extent can further go in-to Anger, Frustration, Irritability to even Anxiety and Depression. 

Negative thoughts are seems to be more prevalent than positive thoughts. The positive thoughts requires some efforts, whereas, negative comes easily and often uninvited. 

If you have been brought up in a happy and positive state of environment, probably there will be chances for think positively. All the same time, If you are grown in a poor or difficult conditions, you will more probably attracted to negative thinking.

Tips on How to Overcome Negative Thoughts or How To Be Positive 


  1. Every time Just you catch yourself thinking in a negative way, replace them with a positive thought.
  2. If you catch yourself projecting failure, immediate visualize success instead. 
  3. If you hear yourself using negative words in your conversation, switch them to positive words.
  4. Say, “I can” Most of the time instead “I Can-not”. Saying “Can-not”, could be due to fear, laziness or lack of Self-Respect.
  5. Allow more positive attitude into your life. Create more faith in Self-esteem and expect positive results. Affirmations and visualization can take you a long way in this direction.
  6. Decide that from today, from this precise moment, you are leaving negative thoughts behind you, and starting on the way toward positive thinking and behavior.
  7. Each day, find something to do which makes you feel proud of yourself. Find out the things you love, try new things, go new places. Make some short-term and long-term goals.
  8. Decide that you will never-ever allows Negative thoughts in your-self again. These are toxic. Why so? In reality there is a lot of in you which worth’s a Lot of Loving.
  9. Listen some Inspirational Quotes, Thoughts whenever you feel Anxious. 
  10. The most powerful way to overcome Negative Thoughts is to focus on God’s love. After all, if God Loves you, He loves with all of your faults and hurts.

Let God change what He wants to change, and you’ll feel much better about your Thoughts.