How to Overcome Shyness

Simply Shyness can be explained as: Feeling of discomfort or hang-up in social or interpersonal situations which keeps you away from pursuing your goals, either academic or individual.

Excessive self-focus and worry are the outcomes of the Shyness, often preoccupation with your thoughts; feelings or physical reactions (accelerated heart rate, pulse, etc.).

Shyness affects in many way. It can affect our ability to face a job interview, or talk in the class, and in our everyday interface with people.


Everybody feels a small piece shy at one or another time.  It is normal you can feel shy or nervousness in new situations or demonstrating something on stage in front of audience. Most of the people will overcome this situation and are able to function normally. However, some people are unable to overcome their shyness. Severe shyness or “Personal Anxiety Disorder” sometimes requires medication and developmental therapy.

How to Overcome Shyness

Some of the tips outlined hereunder may help for people with this disorder, using these tips may gain the confidence to approach people and actually beat up a discussion.

  • One of the best ways to overcome shyness is to make a tendency of speaking to everyone.
  • When you feel more comfortable with this, then start speaking to two people every day, and increase the conversation length.
  • This is a simple practice and approaches a person, whether it may an associate at work place or a teacher, practice at home. More you practice, you’ll become better more.
  • Look in the mirror and say “Hello. How are you today?” If you practice this enough, and say it to the person, it will sound and feel natural as well when said.
  • Practice of having good attitude and smile on your work. With a good posture and smile, you become easier to talk to a person you intend to speak with may make the first move.
  • If you are going to face a job interview, find somebody you know to practice with him. Sometimes society groups or employment companies offer sessions where you can do this. Practicing in various probable interview scenarios, you will be better equipped for the questions may asked by the potential employer. You will answer with self-confidence because you know the answers earlier.
  • Join the groups to find the peoples having same difficulty. These groups may be small, but should be informal, and friendly. They do their best to make you feel easy. People who are overcame their shyness can give you the best advice because they have experience and knowledge about feeling shyness.

Self-fulfilling prophesy:


Wake up and Look in to the Mirror, state out what your goals for the day, then visualize yourself really doing that. If you need more time, do it in the night before as well, or take a time as you need until you feel prepared.

Now it’s time to take up the step and in reality strike up a discussion, go slowly. Talk about “Safe and Sound” topics like weather or current events. Ultimately you will find that you have somewhat common with the person you are talking and the discussion will became naturally fluent. And you u will soon forget your shyness.

Finally, the most significant thing you have to do to overcome shyness is to trust yourself. You can do whatever you want or put in your mind, once you develop the confidence in yourself.

When you have confidence, then you are able to interact and meet the people, they do what they wanted to do and achieve their goals. Thus it is important to beat the shyness to become capable to achieve the goals you wanted.