How to Study Effectively

Nowadays it’s a big problem for parents that how their child should study effectively. Many parents advise their Children to remember all the answers by mind. However, such rote learning habits can have a downbeat impact on their later on life.

It is important that we should develop the habit of proper understanding of the subject rather than memorize or retain everything in our mind. 

Once you are habituated to this kind of practice from childhood, off course you can write your own notes on the subjects that you have educated in college room. 

We often detect that although two students have the same intellect; one may scores very good marks, while other scores less in the examination. This difference could be because of the variation in their study patterns. 

We hereunder quote certain points about the correct method of How to study effectively 

  • Choose a proper place to study
  • Choose a well light room with less sound. Sit in the same place every day. As far as possible never change your study room / study area.
  • Keep the study room, Study table and chair always clean and neat.
  • Try to use a chair and table. The chair should be in such a way that you do not bend while sitting for study.
  • The table should be big enough to keep your study material like notebooks, textbooks, compass box etc. Those who cannot afford the table and chair should sits on the floor with the books on a small table or stool.
  • Before settling down to studies wash your hands and feet and your mouth as well.
  • Keep photos of Deities wherever you are studying
  • Keep images of Shri Ganapati and Shri Saraswati Devi.
  • If possible keep picture of Kuladevata (Family Deity) or Upasyadevata (Deity of worship) or whichever of these are available, in the study room. 
  • Pray to the knowledge deities i.e. Shri Ganapati and Shri Saraswatidevi Like; Please award me brain power to study well and grasp it appropriately. Then chant the name of your desired Deity for 5 minutes 
  • After completing the lesson or study Part, pay gratitude to Shri Ganapati and Devi Saraswati for help in learning the subject. 

Study your lessons in advance How to Study Effectively

Before learning of new lesson in the class, try to read the lesson. Study each topic with honesty and with attention. Try to understand the importance and benefit of each and every subject that you are studying and only then start your studies. If you study with sincerity and interest, you will be able to understand the subject better.

After learning the lesson, try to clarify any doubts on the topic by asking questions to the concerned teacher. 

Make a habit of Early to Bed and Rise Early. 

After having a Good night Sleep, the body and mind are become fresh early in the morning and also this time is very peaceful. 

Hence, try to study the subject which you think difficult to understand. Dedicate more time to the subject or topic which you find difficult in the early morning. Read that particular topic two or three times 

Benefits of Study Group

Create a study group, with likeminded and intelligent students to discuss the topics for better understanding. This helps you to study better. With studying in group, you can also get a different perspective on how to study effectively. 

Revise and Remember 

Psychologically revise the points that you have studied and are clear to you, attempt to rewrite them in your own language and method [this is not applicable to definitions] 

To start with, read a subsection of a lesson and make a habit to note down, in short, the important points from that section. Later, write down important points from that entire lesson. This notes you prepared should help you in preparing for that particular subject. 

While practising questions and answers, write down the answers. Once written, it can be retained in the mind for a long time. Reading these written notes will takes less time and is easy to remember than reading from Books/guides. Also, habit of reading the textbook, can takes a less time to read it. 

How to Study BetterTake small breaks in between study sessions 

It is quiet difficult to concentrate on any subject for more than 45 minutes. Hence, it is better to rest for a while in-between. This time can be used for chanting and praying to God. 

Avoid the following things while studying 

Snapping of fingers

Lying down while studying

Inviting a friend over for group study and then not studying

Chatting with others or speaking on the phone unnecessarily

Listening Radio, Television, and other music system. 


So Children, let us adopt this practice of the aforesaid points to make your studies effectively and move towards a bright and successful prospect