How to Train Your Brain for Excellence

One of the biggest problems is that people waste their precious brain power on thoughts, worrying, and beliefs that perhaps not help them in any way to move closer to their desires.

Worrying about something I think is like wastage of resources. Depression and perhaps making excuses is also wastage of resources. People well aware of these facts, even they still invest their brain power in such an unproductive or pointless patterns.

I think the main reason is these people haven’t trained their brains for a good behavior. After slacking off for so many years, this brain became like amateur Pets, peeing on the carpet and chewing up the furniture. And their owners let them to continue. Accordingly, they bear in terms of their finances, their relationships, and in their health. An inexpert brain often delivers weak results. Whom to blame for this? Off course yourself.

When you catch your brain doing something you don’t like that, like unwanted worrying, did you let it continue? That’s a mistake unless you want to push more of that.Train-Your-Brain Since worrying is mostly useless and unproductive, it makes more sense to tell your brain to know that this activity is unacceptable, and immediately sets to going in a different way. Get your brain’s attention and tell it to stop. When you notice your brain is doing something you don’t like, I push up you to really say in aloud:

No, don’t do that. That’s incorrect. Cut out that immediately.

Then quickly instruct your brain on what you want it to do as a substitute:

Order your brain like “We have an issue to resolve here, so work out it in such a way that satisfies me. Here are the constraints. … Here’s what we know so far about the desired outcome. … Now relate your hard work to compute a best possible or nearer-optimal solution. I know you’re [ brain ] brilliant. Put those 100 billion neurons in good use, and develop a solution to this challenge and could satisfies my criteria. Go and work on that right now, and bring it to my conscious notice when you have something precious to present”

You’d be surprised at how glowing this works.

If your brain is wasting its energy on Emotions like Worry, Fear, Anger, Aloneness, Spherical Thinking, or Disruption, perhaps you haven’t given your subconscious mind a problem or task to perform and Decisive of a precious of its status.

After all, it’s (brain) an amazingly powerful supercomputer. Your brain craves a good challenge. It’s well adapted for creative problem solving. So train your brain with decent puzzle to chew on behind the scenes. Put those 100 billion neurons to good use. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when it behaves like a dog if it has been ignored for a long time, doing whatever to catch your attention.

Brain-Training You can’t consciously control your brain at all the times, but you can absolutely take charge of it on certain occasions, when you look that it doing somewhat self-destructive, if you trained your brain properly.

Don’t permit a poorly trained brain to chew up your mental fixtures. When you seem it misbehaves, give it some tough love. Be firm on what you hold it. Don’t just hit it up when fails to satisfy you.

Then tell your brain – Clearly as possible – what you want it to do instead. Train your brain for good behavior. A well-trained brain is similar to a well-trained dog. Instead of fighting your brain or getting frustrated of its conflicting behavior, relax, enjoy, and appreciate its presence in your life. You can receive its gifts.

Keep the Brain training going on, when your brain presents a solution to a certain problem, give it feedback. Does that satisfy your criteria? Was that an intelligent option for you?

Whenever the brain comes up with a logical solution, you really likes, praise it with plenteous.

Say to it:  “Wow! That’s dazzling. I love this; and that is EXACTLY what I sought to see. You have done a good job!

Appreciate this to such an extent that you experience some positive emotions. Reward your brain for what you deliberately want to do it. Brilliant! Nicely you did it!” 

Did you remember what your brain has computed nice job for you recently? Have you praise that for what it does a good job? Or do you take it for granted? What happens when another person for granted? Don’t they become lazier and more disobedient? Is that reason how your brain has begin behaving lately?

What if your brain doesn’t perform as you would have liked do that? Tell it about what it done in right and what it did in wrong and how you have to adjust. Resend it to revise its solution.

Say something like this: “You came up with another idea to earn us US$ [U S Dollars]. I know that you must know how to do that. I asked you to identify a $5X opportunity. I don’t see how this going to achieve that. Discover a way to earn $5X in one portion. One plan, one idea. I know we have not done this before, but I think you’re smart enough to shape it. We know it could possible, so there must be a way to do it.  While coming up with solutions if you have to substitute with some old preventive values, you certainly do that. But don’t violate my values. Your solution must be honest, respectable, and in ethical way. Now go for shape this. I know you can do it”

Keep your brains always busy in solving problems that align with your goals. Your brain loves that. But you must train your brain and reward it properly. 

In your head you have amazing supercomputer to which you can assign any task or problem, and remember it can compute a solution, bringing it to your conscious mind when it done. This works for your business challenges, financial challenges, social challenges, and relationship challenges also.

Try this, and see how it works well for you. Make it habit of treating your brain like a brilliant supercomputer. I think you’ll like the results that brain delivers. Your brain is surely capable of creating an abundant, happy, and fulfilling life for you.

You can have what you craving. Your brain is brilliant one instruct it clearly and decisively. And reward to adjust its behavior as and when required.train-brain-overcome-fear

After spending lots of time on my Brain training to write; now I can simply tell my brain to write a new article, and it will take care of me and my conscious mind relaxes. It’s like the same thought as to teaching a dog to fetch the ball; because the dog chases the ball automatically since that’s what has been trained to do. The dog doesn’t require thinking about how to do it. The dog just does it.