Interesting Mushroom Benefits

What exact Mushrooms is


Mushrooms are edible fungi with different scientific names and from a family “Agaricus”. They are essentially Saprophytes, the organisms (plants without chlorophyll) which thrive by extracting nutrients from dead and decaying plant and animal matter. They vary in their color, texture, shape, and properties.

The health benefits of mushrooms consists relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostate Cancer, and Diabetes. Mushroom also help in weight loss along-with boosting or strengthening the immune system.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms


Treat Anemia


Anemic patients are characterized with low levels of iron in their Blood, which results in fatigue, headaches, reduced neural function, and digestive problems. Mushrooms are a good source of iron, and over 90% of the daily iron value can be obtained from this wonderful edible fungus, which promote in formation of red blood cells (RBC) and keeps the people healthy and functioning at their full potential.

Lower Cholesterol      Mushrooms


Balancing between LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and HDL (“good” cholesterol) is essential to prevent various cardiovascular Diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

Mushroom provides lean proteins which do not contain cholesterol or fat and low in carbohydrates. Moreover, the high lean protein found in Mushroom helps to burn cholesterol and balance the LDL and HDL, when they digested.

Prevent Cancer


Mushrooms are very effective in preventing breast and prostate Cancer due to they are rich in Beta-Glucans and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which both have anti-carcinogenic effects.

The linoleic acid is particularly helpful in suppressing the harmful effects of excess estrogen. Increase in estrogen is one of the reasons of breast cancer in women after menopause. The Beta-Glucans, on the other hand, reduces the growth of cancerous cells in prostate cancer.

The numerous studies have shown that, mushrooms if applied medicinally can works as an antitumor element.

Prevent Diabetes


Mushrooms for DiabetesAnd the most important uses of Mushrooms, it lowers the Diabetes. They don’t have fats, cholesterol, and contains very low levels of carbohydrates, high protein content, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, Mushrooms contain natural insulin and enzymes which help in breaking down of sugar or starch in food. They are also contains certain compounds which help in proper functioning of the liver, pancreas and other endocrine glands, and thereby promotes the formation of insulin and its proper regulation throughout the body.

Diabetics frequently suffer from infections, particularly in their limbs, which tend to treat for a long period of time. The natural antibiotics in Mushrooms can protect diabetics from such type of painful and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Improve Bone Health


Mushrooms are rich source of calcium, the essential nutrient in the creation and strengthening of bones. A balanced supply of calcium in the diet can reduce the chances of developing conditions like osteoporosis, and can also reduce joint pain and general lack of mobility that is associated with bone deprivation.

Boost Immune System


Mushrooms contain Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant that effectively protect the body from free radicals, free radicals, which are dangerous and released during the metabolic processes of cells, and which can otherwise float all over the body and cause major damage and diseases.

It is actually an amino acid that contains sulfur, which many people are deficient in, in spite of not knowing or seeing its effects. The presence of this “master antioxidant” which is unique in-to mushrooms, can give a major boost to immune system. 

Mushrooms contain natural antibiotics (similar to penicillin), they help in heal ulcers and ulcerous wounds and protects from developing infections. The good combination of vitamin A, B-Complex, and C found in Mushrooms also strengthens the immune system.

Lower Blood Pressure   high-blood-pressure


Mushrooms are good sources of potassium content, which works as a vasodilator, which relaxes tension in blood vessels and thus reducing blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause numerous deadly conditions, particularly heart attacks and strokes. Potassium also increases cognitive function, because increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain stimulates neural activity. Studies have also shown that an increased level of potassium improves memory and knowledge retention.

Increase Iron Absorption


Copper which has a numerous health benefits is found in mushrooms. Copper regulates and stimulates the Iron absorption from food we eat.

Mushrooms also have high levels of iron, so these two works together for healthy bones and preventing anemia.

Rich in Selenium


The selenium content in mushrooms is one of the most beneficial elements and is often overlooked. The primary source of selenium is in animal proteins; however mushrooms are the best source for vegetarians to get the necessary quantity of selenium. 

Selenium that found in mushroom can benefit bone health by adding to the bone strength and increased durability. It also strengthens the teeth, hair, and nails.

The bioavailability of selenium in mushrooms differs on species, but the commonly consumed mushrooms have significant levels of this important mineral Selenium.

Finally Weight Loss


Mushrooms Weight LossMost of the fats are burnt to digest proteins found in our food, when this protein is accompanied by low carbohydrate, no fat or cholesterol, and a good amount of fiber.

This is the exact combination found in mushrooms and helps in weight loss. Due to nutritious properties, mushrooms can be ranked higher than the majority of fruits and vegetables, some researchers recommends that mushrooms are the rare foods which people can eat as often as possible, with no side effects.

In One study red meat is replaced with white button cap mushrooms, approximately one cup per day, and found that those who ate not only lost a significant quantity of weight over a standard period of time, but they also decreased their waistline, and able to maintain their new weight.



Word of Caution: 

Mushrooms have the exclusive ability to absorb the material with they grow on, either good or bad. This quality is what gives them so much of their beneficial power, but also their dangerous aspects.

Many mushrooms, if picked in the wild, contain heavy metals, which can be very toxic, and air and water pollutants as well.