Interview Tips

Facing an interview is an extremely tense experience. Why so? That may be due lack of preparing for interview and inner confidence. Treat interview as an opportunity to prove you self fit for what they are searching for and not a stressful encounter.

The organization will only call you for an interview, if they really need you.  Thus as how much you need the job, the organization also needs you. This could be like Win-Win state of affairs for both parties, Keep this feature in mind always while preparing for interview.

Use the interview to make better your self confidence and inner-worth, irrespective of what is the result. Market yourself as a person (Product) to success in Life, thus take interview as a Marketplace to put on yourself.

Following are some Job interview tips while preparing for interview

An interviewer has 3 aims:Job Interview  Tips

  1. To find out whether, you are the right person for the job.
  2. To evaluate you’re prospective for promotion.
  3. To make a decision whether you will fit into the business environment.

Preparing for Interview is Key to success in job interview: 

Be prepared, Re-read your CV and the job advert just before attending the interview. Do the research thoroughly about the company, looking company web site or by getting literature. Potential question may be asked about the salary, so be prepared in that way also.

First impressions count: 

Greet your interviewer with a smile and with firm shake hand. Look at their face and in Eye. Try to make brief talk during the walk from reception to the interview room

Keep in mind you have to sell yourself before you can sell anything else within the first 30 seconds,  when the interviewer subconsciously makes decision as regards whether they like you or else,  whether you will fit into their team.Interview Tips

Remember your body language should reflect you, your feelings and confidence with what you are going to say it.

During the process of interview, do not fold up your hands and lean back or look to the ground! Sit straight and attempt to preserve good eye contact with interviewer. Use your

hands and bend forward while making any description. Several people cannot think and control over their body language at a time, and that require preparations.

Why should they recruit you? 

Most of the company recruiters will list the qualities for they’re looking,  A team leader,  good communicator , so it’s up to you to think and express your abilities to demonstrate these skills.   Be prepared ready to speak about your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills. You must have at least three strong points which can best describe yourself and relate them to the company and job on offer. 

Expect always unexpected 

The interviewer will try to catch you off guard: According to survey it has revealed that 80-90 % of employers attempt to ask ‘killer’ questions. It is not possible to plan for every difficult question, like “How your workmates describe you?” but try to appear in relaxed and controlled mood. You can ask the interviewer to repeat the question if think so but do not avoid it.

If you are not certain what are meant by a particular question, request for clarification. Concluding the session, ask the interviewer, whether anything else they wants to know about you. Don’t hesitate to ask when you are likely to hear, whether if you have been successful or not.

Don’t use small talks Answer questions properly some time in detail, take a few moments’ silence to recollect your thoughts.  “It’s better to take a minute to think about your answer rather than speak immediately and regret afterwards.

Remember your manners    Job-Interview

To choose is always better than to be chosen.  Brief the interview panel why and how you are interested in the corporation and career opportunity. 

Ask for their business card and follow it up by sending a “Vote of Thanks” by e-mail or letter, tell them  how you enjoyed meeting with them and how interested you are.

By following the three Ps – Prepare, Practice and Perform, you will definitely find yourself into a contender in the position as “The Trainee.”