Is Drinking Beer is Healthy

Among the Alcoholic drinks, Beer is one of the most healthiest drink, a report says.

One can not find any hard-and-fast rules across the alcohol categories; the calorie count may varies depending on what goes into your drink-of-choice.

Generally talking, a serving of wine may have less calories than a serving of beer, less calories than a serving of other Alcoholic drinks. Naturally, that’s far too easy, and as such, it’s not forever true.

Before your enthusiastic look-up gives you a headache, let’s see what the recent report says about beer being the healthiest drink.

According to a study organised by the Beer Academy, when consumed in moderation, beer is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks available.

“Beer contains vitamins that help you in maintaining a well-balanced healthy diet, fibreto keep you regular, And Antioxidants, minerals such as silicon which may help to lower your risk of osteoporosis.”

Reasons why Beer is really the healthiest drink!  Is Drinking Beer is Healthy

According to nutritionist “Beer is healthier being it contains a small amount of alcohol as compared to other liquors. Apart from this, beer also contains carbohydrates and fibre being it’s made from barley. So yes, as compared to a vodka and whiskey, Beer is Definitely Healthier! though you can’t say it as healthiest.”

Beer is Good in Moderation

“Anything that in moderation is the Key, it’s also applicable to alcohol, here in case of beer also,” says some of the nutritionist.

Most of the alcohol has the base in fruits or something other which is natural, Like: Beer is made of food grains [Barely], and wine is from grapes and apples.

So as long as any Alcoholic drink, may be beer, wine or even whiskey, if it’s in moderation, it will not harm you. Also, ensure that you will follow a healthy diet, and get sufficient exercise as well.”

Beer Could Cause Obesity

Some Nutritionist says, “Beer can leads to water retention and finally causes obesity, And advocates A moderate intake of Red wine everyday, being it include antioxidants which may be better for your heart.”

Benefits of Beer drinking    Beer Benefits

# Protects Joints:

Research reveals that women who consumed a few drinks [Of Course Beer] per week for at least 10 years had at half the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis than, women those never drink or less than that.

# Keep you Active:

There are a few cognitive benefits of light Alcohol drinking. Several studies found that having up to a drink per day decreased the risk of cognitive decline, while other research found that light-to-moderate drinking reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia [memory disorders] and keeps you Active.

# Protects the Heart

The Alcohol content In Beer, Wine, or in other spirits [low-to-moderate consumption] can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing serum levels of HDL (known as good cholesterol) as well as decreasing platelet aggregation in the blood.

# Prevents Kidney Stones

Beer keeps your kidneys healthy. A Finnish [European Country] study revealed that Beer among other alcoholic drinks, is better for the kidneys. The fact is, every bottle of Beer you drink will prevents the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.


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