Junk Food Leads to an Early-age Diabetes

Frequent consumption of fast food and lack of physical activity are the main reasons for causing lifestyle diseases, mostly diabetes, among urban peoples. Even before people reaching 35 years of age, diagnosed with Diabetes.

Reasons are increasing popularity of junk foods, usually called fast foods among the youth leads them to load their blood with cholesterol and decline in working of pancreas. (Pancreas balances the Blood sugar levels in the body)  And this system leads to develop the disease diabetes in such peoples.Junk foods and Diabetes

Being Junk foods are unhealthful, they usually high in calories, fat, sugar, salt, and processed carbohydrates, and low in useful nutrients, like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Junk foods like burger, grilled chicken, sandwich, beef kebab, fried chicken, pizza, and mutton kebab are measured high calorie foods that contain cholesterol which ultimately increases blood sugar levels unless there should not be adequate physical exercise.

A citizen who takes high density fast food for a longer period without any physical exercise, She / he efficiently weaken the pancreas and is sure to develop diabetes at the age of 35 to 40 years.

Junk Food or Fruits Public health experts have expressed worry about urban people’s food habits which responsible for Diabetes and loss of efficiency in man or woman during their best part of life. These nutrition experts also worried about these idle fast food culture

To prevent diabetes, it’s better to avoid weight gain diet and by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, rather focusing on avoiding sugar


So what to do for healthier fast food

  1. Request for smaller portions and ask sauces and dressings on the side.
  2. Order side salads to start or opt for an appetizer with some healthy sides.
  3. Stay away from deluxe or super-sized portions in fast food restaurants. These will save us from higher calorie food, fat, and sugar along with money also.
  4. Mustard or fat-free dressings are more healthy choices. Ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup, so avoid intake of this condiment, as it might spike blood sugar levels.
  5. Choose a salad or vegetables meal whenever possible, with grilled chicken, fish, tofu, or beans. Put in some low-fat salad dressing on the side.low-fat salad
  6. Order burgers with no cheese, Ask for extra salad toppings, if desired
  7. Choose sides wisely, Instead of french fries or potato chips, opt for side salads, fresh fruit, or raw vegetables.
  8. Consume a side salad before intake of pizza, as this would help to check overeating.
  9. Choose grilled or broiled versions instead fried or breaded Fish or Chicken items.
  10. While eating salad, go for non-starchy vegetables, like leafy greens, carrots, broccoli, and cucumber. Add a piece of fruit and a cup of low-fat milk or Water.
  11. Soda, smoothies, and fruit juices can spike blood sugar levels. Plain or luminous Water or Tea without sugar is better option.