Lifestyle Diseases

Over long time, due to unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, and perhaps stress. These are major causes for Lifestyle Diseases like, high blood pressure, tobacco addiction, diabetes, obesity and newly developing Lethargic life style. These results in various long-term disease processes  to  stroke,  depression and heart disease, tobacco- and nutrition-induced cancers, renal failure  and many others.  Internationally, nomenclature for these diseases as “Lifestyle Diseases” or “degenerative diseases”.

Maintaining mental health is causes to an individual’s longevity. The more cautious on hygiene, physical fitness, with balanced diet, the healthy lifestyle they embrace.

A lifestyle disease is linked with living behavior of that person. Heart disease, stroke, obesity,  Type 2 diabetes these are the results of bad habits like smoking and alcohol abuse. Lifestyle diseases are fetching more common, due to fast development.  For the first time in the human history these lifestyle diseases kill more people than infectious onesCause of Lifestyle Diseases

Those who do physical activity regularly, they are healthier than those who don’t. Mental illness may occur due to various reasons. For example, depression may promote mental illness through stress and anxiety. Reasons for depression can be due to one or more things including job loss, recently widowed or divorce, etc. Depression may lead to increase poor physical health and or even dangerous lifestyle.


Lifestyle-Dieses-NatureHealthy lifestyle: depends upon two types of environment: nature and social. Natural  surroundings in which a person lives.

A passionate person cautious about his healthy lifestyle will wish to walk to nature closely. Natural environment, such as fresh air, clean water, clean home, clean neighborhood and cleanness at home is required for a healthy lifestyle.

Social environment is totally different. Social Environment includes livelihood with working conditions, income level, educational background, community and religious beliefs.

Stress related diseases are friends to successful peoples, they run along with him. On the contrary if failure, there will be mood swings and attracts frustration. In order to avoid this, there are better ways to stay away from failure and disappointment.



Technology and diversity have significantly changed the lives of people in society. Technology has both positive and negative effects on our daily lifestyle. However, these aspects of technology depend on how much we use and exposed to it. In other words, our lifestyle controls the use of technology, while technology influences our lifestyles.Sedentary Lifestyle

Technology has changed the field of agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, information, medicine, communication, war among others. Technology also made easier for other factors to affect our lifestyle. All in all, technology has made our lives much easier; so that we have no longer required living forceful lifestyle as in the past, in turn contributed to turn down in our health.

Technology has the power to bring media to us and that can change our ethics and views on the world, which in return will change our lifestyles. Because of evolution in technology such as computers and television, people become a much more Sedentary lifestyle, which leads to unhealthy issues and complications.