Nine Things That Hurt Your Immune System

The immune system is a compilation of organs, particular cells, and substances that protects us from infections and some other diseases. Immune cells and the substances make travel throughout the body and protect it from germs which cause infections. They also protects from cancer in some other ways.

So this is the time to be prudent and to avoid things to do every day that sap your immune system and slash the chances of staying healthy for the long pull……



Sedentary Lifestyle


In modern era sedentary lifestyle is more common in men and women. Sedentary lifestyle gives a tremendous impact on health. Moderate exercise is the key to overcome that. Over in exercise, can actually suppress your immune system function, this is why marathon runners often get colds after a race. Overexertion depends on the body fitness level. Consult the physician prior to determine or starting any exercise program.

Fast (Junk) Food  Fast Foods


Combined with sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet of Fast food also affect on your immune system. Fast food contains excess fat that especially polyunsaturated fats, be likely to suppress the immune system. Cut total fat intake to not more than 25% of daily calories. Another bad constituent of Fast food is excess sugar. Excess Sugar restrains phagocytosis, the process in which viruses and bacteria are engulfed and then literally chewed up by white blood cells.

Eating Excessive Fat 


High-fat diet can make certain immune system cells more lethargic and fewer functional, reducing their ability to protect from diseases. Cutting back in these fats can kick your immune utility up in a few notches.

The low-fat diet improves the function of T-cells, a white blood cell that helps to ward off infections. Control fat intake, particularly saturated and Transfats

Excess Alcohol 


Excess AlcoholBoth consuming a lot of Alcohol on a single occasion and drinking often can affect your immune system function, according to various studies.

Consuming excessively alcohol can leave you defenseless to infections, poor wound healing, and heart, liver, and pancreatic diseases. “It’s not good for white blood cells” [which acts like defense system in the body, defends against infectious diseases]

Drink moderately, defined as a max of one drink per day for women and two for men




Peoples with major depression or a chronic gentle depression also possess the depressed immune systems, particularly that of natural killer cells.Emotions affects Immune System

The loss of job, the death of spouse, the marriage breakup; these are some examples of situations that can trigger a vigorous stress response in the body.

Constant stress suppresses movement of immune cells, as well as inhibiting the creation of the immune response, and can even disrupt the effectiveness of pharmacological and behavioral treatments designed to stimulate immune function. Get control of stress by incorporating meditation, yoga or deep breathing into daily life. Make it habit for the sake of your peace of mind and immune system as well.

In fact, widows and widowers are at more risk of likely to get sickness during the first subsequent year after death of their spouse than their peers who have not experienced a major loss.

Emotions Stress, Fear, Anger, Grief


All the negative Emotions like Fear, Anger, and Worry can wear down your immune system function. Holding these feelings over the long term can humiliate and put on immune system that can catch sickness easily, or on the subject to diseases like cancer, diabetes.

Skimping on Sleep      Sleep Skimping affects  Immune System


Those who get less in sleep have sluggish “natural killer” cells, one type of white blood cells that defeats tumors and viral infections, according to studies.  The enough sufficient sleep is important for T-cell functioning.

Also little or inadequate sleep triggers up increased levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) and triggers the inflammatory response, both of which compromise the immune system. The inflammatory response is the part of immune system’s which defenses against injury, helping repair it. When it’s by mistake triggered, it can actually cause tissue damage. So make habit to get Better Sleep as in priority. It is advised of getting Six to Eight hours good night’s sleep. For one or other reason if you do lose sleep in night, make up it with a midday snooze.




Overweight can cause disorder of immune system. The fat tissue of body produces hormones that activate the immune system’s inflammatory response.

These high inflammatory substances can enlarge the risk of developing cardiovascular disease,  Type 2 diabetes, cancer immune system and many more…! (Obesity can also demoralize T-cell functioning)

Losing weight by decreasing calorie intake and increased calorie burning through physical activity can help improve immune function.

Vitamins and Minerals Deficiency


Deficiencies in Vitamins like A, B-6, C, D, E, and folic acid, and inadequate levels of the minerals like selenium, zinc, iron and copper can negatively change immune functions even though the deficiencies are relatively mild, according to the studies. 

So make the corrected efforts to consume all the required Vitamins and Minerals from a well-balanced healthy diet. If you can’t get all the vitamins and minerals from the diet, talk your physician about mineral supplement and intake of vitamins to improve immune system 

Optimistic Outlook Optimistic Outlook


Even delicate shades of sadness can weaken the immune system function. A study shows that pessimists who look at a glass with half-water and think its half-empty don’t live long as optimists, those see the same glass as half-full. When pessimists put a more Positive Thinking that turn on the calamities in their lives, could have lesser in stress and better health. The reason for better health could be that optimists take care of themselves in better way. In another study, cancer patients who undergone a special course planned to make them more optimistic had stronger immune systems than those who maintained their own some ways.