Packaged Fruit Juices and Health

Do you thinking of packaged fruit drinks (Juices) are better option to fizzy cola for health reasons?  High intake of packaged fruit juices can increases the risk of developing diabetes. Packaged fruit juices had an energy density and lesser in Vitamins, minerals with high in sugar content.

When  250 ml of a packaged fruit drink compared with a fizzy cola it found that one serving of apple juice typically contained 110 kcal and 26 g of sugar, and same  serving of cola contains 105 kcal and 26.5 g of sugar.  The 26 g sugar in each serving of fruit juice means that person is consuming five tablespoons of sugar.

A small carton of packed orange juice contains two and a half teaspoons of sugar, while a large glass has five. Whereas entire orange contains just two teaspoons of sugar, but it contains far more fibre, about 3 grams compared to nothing in packed juice.Paked-Fruit-Juice-Harms-Health

Consuming high sugar juice might lead to acute glucose toxicity which may cause damage to Liver, Eyes and Kidneys in the long run. 

According to Dr Vijay Viswanathan, senior diabetologist  at MV Diabetes Research Center, many packaged juices increase the risk of diabetes if consumed regular or in excess. “Each pack contains heavy sugar and simple carbohydrates which if consumed, particularly after a meal, make the blood sugar level at peak. Thus it is advised, never drink fruit juices and instead of that go for the whole fruits when you have Diabetes,” he said. 

In summer people be apt to swallow packaged fruit juice when having thirsty but be cautious, go for fresh fruit juices considering the above facts to avoid later complications.

A packaged fruit juice also contains preservatives apart from added sugar. It is better to eat whole fruits and vegetables to absorb maximum minerals and vitamins in that. Whole fruit also makes us feel fuller, and cut downs the need for other snacks.

The packed juice doesn’t contain fruit/fruit juice in natural form. In manufacturing process of fruit juices include peeling off fruits outer skins, treating them with high heat/heated water and then adding chemicals to make it to keep longer. Passing through this process all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients values are destroyed. All the nutrients are ripped off; even then can we even talk of fibres being retained? Does we think of it is healthy to any further extent?Fruits Juices

These packaged fruit juices are made of reduced oxygen to increase its longevity and mixed with artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and additives (preservatives) to make it taste like the real fruit. These ingredients in packed juices harm to teeth and intestines as well.  

Packaged fruit juices include benzoic acid which if spilled on skin, can cause it to burn. Even containing lesser quantity of benzoic acid, that does a lot of harm to the body. Some of the fruit packages contain sodium benzoate, when combined with certain ingredients forms a benzene which is associated to be carcinogenic (cancer formation).

Some of packed fruit juices contain calcium nitrate and magnesium chloride which are unsafe for kidneys, intestines and gums as well.

The life of packaged juices is around 6 to 12 months. Whereas the original juice when not consumed within half an hour it loses its real test and nutritional values, so can we expect originality in such packed juices?