Personality Development

Personality development can be defined as the development in behaviors and attitudes which makes a person distinctive, in the phased manner. Personality development occurs by the ongoing communication of temperament, character, and atmosphere. Or in other wards Personality is defined as the continuing personal characteristics of individuals

Personality development is a major topic of interest for most prominent thinkers in psychology. We are unique, how we could develop our personality? How exactly we become what we are today?

In order to answer this question, we have to just look on how several prominent thinkers developed theories to explain the steps and stages that happen on the way to personal development.

Each of us wants to be successful in life. But, success is not just having a large bank balance and a luxurious Lifestyle? No is the answer, you have a huge bank balance; but, having a sick body, then you cannot enjoy what you have. We often see people spend half of health getting wealth and spend half their wealth Regain health. Is this really success?Personality Development- Know Yourself

Imagine a situation when your problems stop being problems, you get the strength to face them with a smile and twist them into opportunities. Can’t you imagine this could be the sign of a successful person?

The following are the sum of theories focused on personality development aspects, including cognitive (Involving conscious mental activities), social and moral development.

1. Know yourself 


The first step on the mission of develop the personality is to know yourself. It’s important to know yourself in order to make necessary changes what needs to be done to improve your existing personality. Knowing yourself is about knowing your limitations and strengths. You should be aware of your abilities so that can used when required. 

You need to identify where you are lacking in. Are you short tempered or you can’t speak in a group. Find out these and then accordingly you can work on your personality development.

2. Body Language


Having a nice personality takes you everything into any account. Your body language should reflect yourself not just the way you dress up and your talks. How you walk, sit, eat, and your behavior when others are talking etc. can make enormous impact on others. Have in a relaxed posture. Walk upright do not droop or over extra rigid. When others in a group are talking then have a relaxed manner. Do not involve in the surroundings but be on concentration to the speaker. If someone talking to you listen him with calm eyes, do not deviate or unfocused. Comprise with a good body language that can impact your confidence.

3. Physique


The easiest way to achieve a good personality is to have a good physique and this cannot be denied. It’s veryPersonality Development important element in your personality. Along with setting your impression the good physique speaks lots about you. A good physique itself explains that you are a well deliberated person. Good physique explains about yourself and your health, also gives an opinion about you are away from bad habits and are in good company. So start up with exercise and stay fit to your personal development.

4. Attire / Costume


Your personality is not at all about dressing up, but the way you dress up will defiantly have an impact on your personality. So dress up yourself in a decent manner. Be prudent and in professional way and avoid flashy colors. Avoid unnecessary shooting on your body or tattoos. Wear neatly ironed and unstained clothes. Look professional or according to the environment of your work place. Great sense of dressing is very important factor in personality development 

5. Appreciate


Appriciate OthersA  great personality well aware of how to impress and make an impact. In the high profile professional where you work or stay in a group; it’s important to be accepted by others. Develop a habit of appreciating others no matter how small work is that. Take care of your expression should seem as real and should not look being fake. Appreciating others makes you very friendly person. Thus making a simple habit of appreciating others helps lots to develop your personality by making you a little selfless.

6. Positive Thinking


A very important attribute which is essential to attain anything in life is a positive attitude. Yes there are many things that you want to do but you can’t. There might be unhappy situation you are facing, But still there are good moments also. Have a positive attitude in life and fill your work place with positive quotes. Notify yourself that you can do the assigned task. The proven fact is that, positive thinking increases the probability of assigned task complete rapidly. Positive thinking also makes you task friendly and cheerful which resultantly reflects on your personality.

7. Confidence


Self Confidence

This is the most important thing to achieve or to obtain a better personality. You should confident with whatever you do or you are. Your confidence shows that you are well aware of your work and your abilities. You are shy of speaking in public then you have to start speaking confidently which is very important. Recognize yourself and have a self-trust to build confidence. Get self motivated by reading success stories of successful peoples. Put on motivational quotes or inspiring quotes along with pictures in your surroundings or on board boost your confidence.