Purpose Of Life

Would you interested in discovering your valid Purpose Of life? This is just not about your profession, Job or day by day responsibilities or even your long-term goals. This is in terms of your surviving and what is your Purpose of life or why you are here.

Perhaps you’re the person, who doesn’t think that you have a purpose, thinks like there is no meaning of life or don’t know What is life.

That doesn’t matter. Not thinking of you have a purpose in life, can’t prevent you from discovering it, lack of belief in severity can’t prevent you from stumble.

In fact if you want to find out your true purpose in life, you first empty your mind from all false purposes you’ve been trained (Wow! that includes idea of Not having purpose in life also).

Consequently when it comes how to discover your purpose of life? There numerous ways to do this, some are fairly concerned, here is one of the simplest way that one can do.

More open you are in this process; more you expect it to work; more rapidly it will work for you. But not being open to it or having doubts about it, it’s an entirely unwise and worthless waste of time.

Here are what to do:

  1. Get a blank paper sheet or open up a word processor where you can type.
  2. Write at top, “What is my exact Purpose in life?”
  3. Write an answer (any answer you can) which pops into your head. It doesn’t require having a complete sentence. A short phrase can be fine.
  4. Repeat this step 3 until you write the answer which makes you to cry. And that is your purpose in life.

That’s it. It doesn’t matter what’s your job or profession. For some people this work out will make perfect sense. But to others it seems utterly stupid.

Purpose of life

Generally it takes mostly 15-20 minutes to clear out from your head to clear all the clutter and the social conditioning about your thinking of your purpose in life. Always the fake answers will come from your mind and your memories. But when finally the true answer arrives, that will experience like it’s coming from a different source entirely.

But who are at very low-awareness living, it will take a longer time to get all the false answers out, perhaps more than an hour. But if you persist, after 100 or 200 or maybe even 500 answers, you’ll be strike by the answer that leads you to rush with emotion, and this is the answer which breaks you. If you’ve never done this, it may very well sound silly to you. So let it seem silly, and do it anyway.

It’s important to do this alone and with no interruptions. If you’re a nihilist (Think like life is meaningless), then feel free to start with the answer, “I don’t have a purpose,” or “Life is worthless,” and take it from there. If you keep at it, you’ll still eventually converge.

When you go from first to last in this process, you find some of your of your answers are very similar. You may even re-list your answers.

Then you might think of on a generation of more new 10-20 more answers along some other topic. And that’s fine. You can list out whatever answers pops in your skull as long as you just keep it writing.

At some spot during this process (typically after about 50-100 answers), you might want to quit and that’s not covering your assuming. You may possibly feel the push to get up and make an excuse to do something else. That’s normal. Push this conflict, and just keep up writing. The feeling of resistance will eventually pass.


You may also discover a few answers which seems to give you a little sentiment, but they certainly don’t makes you to cry — they’re just a small piece off. Each reflects a part of your purpose, but individually they are not complete. When you start getting these types of answers, it means you’re getting warm, Keep going.

This was my final answer: To Live with Love and Compassion, Wake up with the great spirit to the Society, and to Leave this World in Peace. When you find unique answer to your question, what is you purpose in life or why you’re here, you will be filled with a deep.

Discovering the purpose of life is quiet easy part, Keeping it with you could be the hard part, and working on yourself on the point where you will certainly become the purpose in life.

If you’re tending to ask how / why this little process works, just keep that question aside until you fruitfully finish it. Once you do that, you’ll probably have your own answer to why it works. Probably when you ask 10 different people why this works (those who effectively done it), you’ll get 10 different answers, all they filtered through each entity beliefs and systems with each will have its own sign of life truths.