Smartphone Side Effects

You constantly looking for it. When it not around you, you feel anxious, and when you have it, you think all about it. Yes, your are correct, the need of modern era Smartphones we are talking all about it. 

Our compulsion with mobile gadgets has become larger-than-life, yes each from every five people have this Gadget in the world. 

Be cautious, using Smart-phone [Cell phone] too much can cause inflammation in your connective tissues and enhance existing conditions, like tendinitis and carpal tunnel. 

i-Posture and Text Neck

According to a study 84% of youths are found tracked with experiencing back pain during couple of years, mainly due to being round-backed over Smart-phones and tablets.
Slumped over Smart phone for a long time is, to devastate,your neck and hurting your back muscles.


“iPosture” or “Text Neck” are the two of few phrases that doctors uses to describe the excessive stress on neck muscles causing due to over uses of Smart Phone,which may be from one of the best smartphones on the market.

Fixing the posture and limiting the uses of Smart phone can relieve lower back pain and Neck strain. Whenever you experience the uneasiness, hold the phone directly in front of your face, and not on your thigh which might needs to look down for minutes at a time. 

If you experience eye discomfort: 

    • Then make a font size bigger in your Cell phone.

    • Hold your Smartphones at-least 16 inches away from your faces.

    • At a frequent intervals make it a habit to looking at something far away for short break, and blink your eyes.

Blue Light from Smart-Phone may Damage to Retina. 

Direct view to blue light from Smart-phone can damage to the retina. The Scientists warns that retinal damage caused by blue light may lead to Macular degeneration, which causes the loss of central vision-the ability to see what’s in front of you.

smartphone side effects

Most of the studies reveled that, this effect can be happen with the light being held very close to the retina, which may not exactly replicate in typical Cell phone users.

Sleep Disorders: 

Blue light from this gadgets are really destroying your sleep, researchers warn to Switch off these smart phones or tabs before going to Bed. 

In the evenings, there is more red light than blue light which signals your body to get ready for bed. The red light can interact with the protein called melanopsin in cells deep inside your eyes.

When the light hits this protein, these cells send a signal to the ‘master clock’ of the brain that rules our wake up and our sleepy.

After observance of blue light, these cells sends a ‘wake up’ signal in the night, and our sleep get disturbed. Thus keep your smart phone or tablet away from your vision for a good night’s sleep.

So what’s the foremost way to protect our vision without giving up these Smart-phone? 

  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule: At Every 20 minutes looking something far- at least 20-feet away for 20 seconds. It’ll allow your Eye muscles rest and reset. 
  • And parents, bound your kid’s screen timing to a couple of hours a day, max. Because being Children’s eyes are at developing stage, they are at high risk of shortsightedness [myopia] 
  • Beyond the psychological problems and the resulting anxiousness,caused by always wanting to use a smart-phones, there are actual physical side effects of such extreme behavior. 

Doctors have been doing their best to keep up with the storm of Smart-phone addictionand the new physical difficulties that go hand-in-hand 

There are many evidences that children having televisions in their rooms will get less sleep. This could be also happen when having a small screen like an iPod or Smart-phone in their room.