Top 10 Foods For Looking Youthful

What we eat can impacts on how we look, especially when it comes to achieving that much- desired youthful glow

Unfortunately, there is no any substance that can turn you into a Hellene Gray, to have evermore adolescent and fresh skin, but there are certain foods that can slow down the Aging process and makes you looking Youthful, yes that’s true!

Here we list-out some foods that will shoot in nutrients in your body which are essential for a youthful and look fresh, just like an almighty injection.


Though it’s not proved that the yogurt can slow down or preserve the youthful look of the skin, But the fact is Yogurt is rich in Calcium [“Calcium regulates cell turnover by stimulating certain enzymes, giving you, fleshy plumper skin,”] which keeps you from osteoporosis and guarantees a good bowel movement, that’s enough to turn out, you should not skip the healthy yogurt from your healthy diet  

Olive Oil       Looking Youthful

In early days, it was revealed that the monounsaturated fats in the Olive oil can bring down the risk of heart problems and cancer. Since then, it is aware that the olive oil contains poly-phenol, a powerful Antioxidant that assists in raising the good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Sea Food

Almost Three decades back, one search team was trying to find out the reason behind that no-one of the old tribes of Alaska (Eskimo) has never suffered from a heart disease. Miracle, Magic or it’s just Fish?

The study reveled that the unbelievable number of fish that the Eskimo people eat during the year, was caused the fact, there no one can find the terms like cancer, diabetes and heart disease in their knowledge.

Cocoa   Cocoa for Look Youthful

The beverage that is made from raw cocoa, which contains flavonoids and maintains the healthy function of the blood vessels, which otherwise impacts on the blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and kidney health.


The study has proven that people who consume nuts in their daily diet live two and half years longer than the average. The walnuts are loaded with unsaturated fats and they are often paired with the olive oil. Being rich in Vitamins, Minerals and other Antioxidants Walnuts keeps you look young.


The components in the blueberries can reduce the inflammation and other free radical damages which causes centrifugal functions and the memory. These radicals are the byproduct in Oxidation process. Left untreated these free radicals can harm skin cells and reduce collagen, making skin more wrinkle-prone.

Red Wine Red Wine

Consumption of alcohol in moderation will fight against heart diseases, yes, it’s true and nice to hear cool, but be careful. The recommendation applies in particular to the Red wine which contains resveratrol, that protects the grapes against mold, like that also in human Skin and Health.


Yes, if you want to look your skin younger and more flexible, drinking enough water can do this. “Dehydrated skin looks wrinkly and rough,” Set a goal of drinking eight glasses of water per day, in turn it also help you lose weight, aid digestion, improves energy and concentration, can flush toxins from your body.


Yes, it’s correct Onions are not just for adding flavor in diet but it’s food rich in quercetin, an Antioxidant that protects Skin from wrinkles. Reports says that it may save skin from harmful UVB rays, so add these veggies into soups, main meals and even onto pizzas also.


Rich in vitamin C, this sourish fruit contains more Antioxidants than Red wine and Green tea. Pomegranate keep your skin looking aglow and wrinkle-free and even reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.