Turmeric for Diabetes

It’s proved that Turmeric could prevent developing of diabetes. The recent study revealed that, the Diabetic people who took a curcuminoid supplement was dramatically lowered their glucose level and insulin resistance. The study showed that curcuminoids the active ingredient in Turmeric have an anti diabetic impact by reducing the serum fatty acid through the possible assistance of oxidation and utilization.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory element in Curcumin helps to fight the disease and strengthen the immune system of the body. The anti glycaemic properties help in protecting the body from diabetes.

The remarkable healing properties of Turmeric can treat the diabetes and also the curcumin spice to modify the insulin within the body. The controlled blood sugar prevents insulin resistance and boosts immunity system and thereby reduces infections.

Turmeric is used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine from ancient days as a detoxification herb (as it appears to protect the liver) and as a potent anti-inflammatory element.

Regulates insulin levels:

Pancreas produces Insulin the hormone in the human body. The Anti-Glycaemic property of turmeric helps to maintain the proper functioning of the pancreas, regulate and balance insulin levels, prevent development of insulin resistance in the body, lower the blood sugar and triglyceride levels, thereby helping to treat diabetes effectively

Turmeric Health Benefits


Turmeric supplements, if consumed in excess quantities or in certain contradictory conditions, can leads to ill effects like ulcers, stomach troubles, acne etc.

The breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and the peoples who are likely to undergo a surgery can avoid intake of Turmeric supplements.