Vitamin E Foods

Vitamin E Benefits


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble Antioxidant which neutralizes the destructive effects of fats oxidation. Adequate quantity of Vitamin E Benefits in defensive against cancer, heart disease, and other age-related eye damage problems. On the contrary, excessive intake of vitamin E in the form of supplements can turn out to be terrible.

Here are the top Vitamin E rich foods which are totally secure and healthy.


Broccoli (Cooked)

Broccoli is world-wide recognized as one of the most excellent Antioxidant food. Broccoli is also a healthy food and rich in Vitamin E. One cup of steamed broccoli provides 4% of daily nutrient requirements.

Spinach (Cooked)

Spinach is one of best green leafy vegetable, which is crucial for human health. Apart from being rich in vitamin E, Spinach is also loaded with lot of Antioxidants and other essential nutrients like calcium and folate. A cup of boiled spinach provides 20% of our daily Vitamin E requirement. So, make your diet healthy by adding spinach in sandwiches, salad or in regular food.

Avocados  Avacados

Avocados are the testiest and most liked food in the world. This is a Nature’s Oil richest fruit. Just half an avocado contains 2 mg Vitamin E, and can be easily combined into your diet to make it so healthy, may be in the form of salads or sandwiches.


Swiss chard

The green leafy vegetable Swiss chard is the healthy vegetable, that you can consume every day, it fill-ups your body requirement of Vitamin A, K, C, and E. A sole cup of boiled Swiss chard provides almost 17% of daily advised nutrient values.



Whenever we think about Vitamin E, We can’t ignore the Almonds health benefits, which are the most naturally accepted sources of vitamin E. 100 grams of almonds provides 26.2 milligrams of Vitamin E. Raw almonds are most suggested,  because they are rich in the nutrient content. Alternatively, we can also use almond milk or almond oil.

Raw Seeds

Raw seeds are another excellent source of Vitamin E such as Sesame, Pumpkin etc. Eat these seeds as a snack, or you can garnish them on soups and salads. Consuming ¼th cup of sunflower seeds can provide 90% of daily nutrient value, so, make them a valuable food and eat daily.


Kale is the most prominent supplier of Vitamin E. A single cup of boiled Kale provides almost 6% of daily requirement of Vitamin E. Hence, eat this cruciferous Vegetable regularly as you can. If possible go for organic Kale.

Mustard Greens [Sarson ka sag]  Mustard Greens

Having rich source of Vitamin E, mustard greens are also loaded with Vitamin A, K, and C. Consuming this wonderful cruciferous vegetable daily will source a various health benefits. One cup of boiled mustard greens provides 14% of regular dietary Vitamins.

Hazelnuts (अखरोट)

Hazelnuts are loaded with Vitamin E along with lot of other massive nutrients. It’s a complete snack for a prolonged workday. Eating a single ounce [almost 28 gm.] of hazelnuts will provide about 20% of daily body requirements of vitamin E. Or in another way, you can substitute the morning coffee with hazelnut milk.

Plant Oils

Plant seed oils are rich sources of Vitamin E, wheat germ oil is the best oil, as it contains Vitamin E at highest level. Only one tablespoon of wheat germ oil provides 100% of every day Vitamin E requirement E.

Another excellent source of Vitamin E is Sunflower oil which provides 5 milligrams of Vitamin E if used for cooking.

Other oils which are rich with Vitamin E are Coconut Oil, Cottonseed Oil, and Olive oil