Ways of Happiness

Every activity or thing we perform in our day to day life is to pursue happiness. All of us expect to be happy and free of sorrows.

After checking up closely on our life, it finds us; we are constantly in pursuing of happiness.

Many of us see happiness always at a far-away in planets.

Getting after married, our honey moon happiness doesn’t seem to last long since we face the real truth of obligations and responsibilities.


When we have offspring, the joy that our kids bring seems to be over shadowed by the thinking about taking care of them.

After achieving success, that feeling of happiness doesn’t seem to last more than a week, when we found jealousy people around us.Ways-of-Happiness

Thus happiness is it at our out of reach?

There are several ways to be happy just we have to search them. Seeking happiness could be the objective to everybody.

The reason behind what you do is to make yourself happy. Even if you perform any act to please someone else, ultimately the happiness of that person also could be sources of making you happy.

Whereas if Sadness is in your mind or while you are Sad, no matter how many happy dealings happen around you, that will not make you happy. Even the good quality food can become tasteless when you are feeling Sad.

When Happiness is in your mind, so many small events can make you happier.


Yet the same job problems do not affect you so much. Your critical boss looks friendlier, your kids looks more obedient, everything around you and your life looks better when your mind is happier.

Always keep happy thoughts in your mind. If you can’t do that at-least try to do it at the beginning and the end of every day. Feeling happy at beginning of the day will increase your possibility of being happy throughout the day. While being happy at end of the day will help you to sleep healthy throughout the night. The quality sleep you get again influences your happiness on next day.


What are the ways of happiness?

  1. Keep a collection of happy memories. Keep written recording and photos of happy moments in your everyday life. Keep them in one place. Look out them thoroughly when you need happiness.
  2. Listen to happy music.  The words in many songs may be Sad. By listening these songs again and again will make you even sadder. That’s like the words hypnotize you into feeling sad. Collect the songs which make you feel happy. Music with no lyrics will be more beneficial for this purpose. Play this music while you are on work and after your work.
  3. Watch happy movies. What you watch will shows how happy you are. Watching the news or crime stories will make you angry and sad. While horror films will makes you anxious. Always choose the movies and TV program which turns you to experience happiness. Just like songs, movies and TV programs can hypnotize you.
  4. Stay with happy people. Likewise words from songs, movies and TV programs can affect you; also words from people can also affect you. Always have positive discuss and share happy things with people around you. Even while talking about bad events, always talk about the good part of it like “It is lucky that everyone is fine”.  Keep away the people who are always complaining about something to you. Make friends with happy people who discuss happy events in life. These types of friends are hard to find but always happy peoples are attracted to happy people. Thus to attract happy people in your life, be happy always.