What is Happiness

Happiness can be defined is an intellectual or emotional status of well-being by positive exciting emotions ranging from pleasure to extreme joy. Happiness is Feeling good and satisfied with the work what you’re doing.

Religious or spiritual Philosophers can define happiness is living a good or successful life, rather than simply thinking of emotional. Life is 10% that happens to you and 90% how you respond to that.

“Happiness is like a butterfly: more you pursue it, more it will go away from you, Rather if you turn your attention on other things it will come and sit nicely on your shoulder”

Happiness is incentive for achieving a good character and personal rational values in life like a productive career, may be romance, friendship and hobbies.


People may have well enough or comfortable to give Food, Clothe, and house themselves, having money in lot – makes them only a little bit happier. It is argued that having more money cannot “acquire” much happiness unless it is used in positive or productive ways.  Money doesn’t make one happy or money cannot decide the direction, but money can make a decision for things to be happening. Money is what money does. 

According to study conducted by Harvard Business School found that “spending money on others actually makes us happier than spending on ourselves”   

Some people having nothing with them are found very happy. And other even having everything is seems unhappy. Thus Happiness seems very unpredictable, inconsistent, and irrational.

Happiness is a long lasting durable enjoyment of life and is being in love with living life. .

How to be Happy

Happiness is not something to have readymade. It could be the outcome of your own actions. So ask yourself before you act: as am I setting myself for success or failure?

Half Full Half EmptyHappiness is somewhat that everyone wants to have. You may be successful and have a lot of money, but without happiness it will be meaningless.

One reason we should have trouble in attaining happiness is that, we even don’t know what happiness is. We keep trying to wipe out anxiety and other disturbances, but we feel happy when we do more improvement in our outlook.

Change the outlook for the glass as Half-full instead of Half-empty. Even if someone facing a loss of Job, Perhaps that could be the opportunity to find a better one!

Think of your current position (how hard it may be) and then think about the people how much harder they are facing. Feel happy that you are not in that worse situation and learn to enjoy your life with happiness!


Feel deeply obliged for what you have. This could be most effective way to be happy, which not only gives more happiness but brings more happiness into your life as well.

Own yourself: means accept and hold your habits, your personality, mistakes, the way you talk, looks, your behavior and most important “You”. Be comfortable in your own look and subconsciously be in touch with others like “This is me accept or leave me

For example if you want to wear which is something supernatural, you find it cool, wear it, no one stop you. It could be a very intense step towards building your own relationship with yourself.

Make enough money to meet basic needs — food, shelter, and clothing. If you meet this with a magic number of $ 200- P M/ In India. Any money beyond of that will definitely not make you happier. Once you make enough $ to meet your basic needs, you will be happy.

Treat your body like it deserves to be happy

The fact is regular exercise, healthy food, and enough or better sleep is the key factors in growing with and staying happy in that way.

Eating healthy foods: 

Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, proteins, whole grains, nuts, and seeds gives your body and brain the required energy to be healthy. Unhealthy diets, those rich in processed carbohydrates, sugars, and industrial vegetable fats, are responsible for brain decline and certain brain diseases like depression and anxiety.

Stay close with friends and family:

How-To-Be-HappyWe live in a movable society, where people chase jobs around the country and sometimes around the world. This is because we think increased salary makes us happier, but in fact our associations with family and relatives or friends may have a superior impact on our happiness. 

Find happiness in your job. Many people expect the job or career to have their level of happiness.

“Someone get the job they love, others have to love the job they got”. Remember this simple truth to be happy.