Wheatgrass Benefits

Grow Wheatgrass about Six to seven inches in high to get maximum health benefits of Wheatgrass. Simply placing the fine selected wheat grains in about one-inch of organic soil and enjoy the out most detoxifying and nutritious juice existing in the Nature. 

Wheatgrass Juice is complete food includes extreme source of Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes. The wheatgrass juice contains 70% chlorophyll almost identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells that carry oxygen), thus wheatgrass juice oxygenates your body. 


These are some wonderful Wheatgrass Benefits  wheatgrass-juice


  • Wheatgrass juice Restores fertility and promotes youthfulness, Improves eyesight and night vision
  • Detoxification:  Consuming wheatgrass juice regularly detoxifies the lymphatic system. Also eliminate encrustrations and faecal matter in the intestines and keeps healthier gastro-intestines.
  • Diabetes:  Regulates the blood sugar level make this green juice suitable drink for diabetics. 
  • Wheatgrass juice improves the digestion and reduces all kinds of blood disorders. Wheatgrass juice gives relief from constipation and keeps the bowels open.
  • Keep  a  tray with live wheatgrass near by your bed may enhance the oxygen in the air improves sleep
  • It contains beta-carotene, which acts against harmful molecules that flowing through the body or through toxins inhaled from cigarette smoke, air smoke  pollution
  • Wheatgrass is contains more than 100 elements required for human body. Wheatgrass if grown in Organic soil absorbs 92 of the known 102 minerals from the soil.
  • Wheatgrass contains 70% of Liquid chlorophyll, which wash out drug from the body. It is a complete food with no side effects  
  • The effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production.
  • The red blood cell count was returned to its normal within 4 to 5 days of drinking this wonderful Juice having chlorophyll in it.
  • Wheatgrass juice if held in the mouth for 5 minutes will eliminate toothaches. It also pulls poisons from the gums.
  • Wheatgrass juice also dissolves the scars formed in the lungs from breathing acid gasses. 

Predigested Food

Wheatgrass juice is a predigested food. It converts in to proteins without help of enzymes. Wheatgrass juice contains both amino acids and glucose thus it is readily assimilated in the body. It helps to increase the enzyme level in body cells and rejuvenates the body cells.

Best time to drink Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice can be consumed any time, but if consumed on empty stomach that allows the body to absorb wheatgrass juice and utilize full advantages of its benefits. Wheatgrass juice works as a natural appetite also.

Side effects of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier that will start to release toxins into your system quite quickly and this may cause some temporary, even if unpleasant side effects. You may feel a little sickness, it’s not a bad thing, actually it is a sign that wheatgrass is moving the toxins from your body!